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Chapter 6: Class-Yes

Get ready for some quick WBT Certification Points! Invent 10 variations on class-yes!

Pages 27-30
Full credit: 25 WBT Certification Points 
Partial credit: 10 WBT Certification Points
Bonus: 10 WBT Certification Points for 15 variations on class-yes!

Reminder: Please sign your post with your real first and last name. 


  1. OLD POSTS that still needed to be graded:
    Madeline September 23, 2013 at 9:22 PM: Great job! Here are 25 CP for you, and 10 Bonus Points!

    Stephanie ShepardAugust 31, 2013 at 5:40 PM: Good! Here are 25CP for you!

    KayJayAugust 31, 2013 at 10:15 PM: Nice job! Here are 25 CP for you!

    Lori HahnAugust 31, 2013 at 10:16 PM: Great job! Love the science emphasis! Here are25 CP for you plus 10 BONUE POINTS!

  2. Debby Parker
    Whole Brain Training
    Assignment 3

    There are several variations on “class-yes!” that I can think of. I have bus duty in the mornings and afternoons and am often required to board the bus and assist the bus drivers with student’s inappropriate behaviors. I talk to the students a lot about bus safety and why we have bus rules. I would like to try this script:
    Teacher: When I say Bus! , you say Safety!
    I am the intermediate reading coach at Global Learning Academy and have the opportunity to visit classrooms throughout the day. When I enter the room I do not want students to talk to me and interrupt instruction. There are times however when I need to address the class, and I would use the same script that the teacher uses.
    Our principal starts every assembly by saying, “Hola, Global Learning and the students respond Hola Dr. Cagle.”
    Other variations:
    Teacher: When I say Humpty!, you say Dumpty!
    Teacher: When I say Global!, you say Explorers!
    All of these variations can be changed by using different variations of tone, pitch or the volume of your voice.

  3. Debby,
    Good attempt at the Class-Yes. The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. Remember that this should be short and snappy so we don't waste one single minute of instructional time. Unfortunately, you didn't completely respond to the prompt (10 versions of class/yes) so I am unable to award any points for this post. But, that's cool, there are plenty of chapters left! *To see several class/yes variations visit the previous chapter 6 board:

    1. I was thinking that using a different variation of tone, pitch or volume would count as various versions of the "class/yes". I will visit the website you suggested.

  4. Class-class-class-class-class … Yes-yes!

    Classy-wassy-poo … Yessy-wessy-poo!

    Super-class-listic … ExpialidoYES!

    Call Me … Maybe!

    Hey Y’all … Yee-Haw!

    Brrr! It’s cold in here! … Must be the learning in the atmosphere!

    It’s getting hot in here! … We’ll show off all we know!

    Class-aladle-lay … He-Hoo!

    Class-a-frass … Yesh-a-fresh!

    Dude! Where’s my class? … Dude! Here’s your yes!

    BONUS: I would probably use these later in the year and would hold up a picture of the corresponding country’s flag, while we all practiced our foreign language skills.

    Classe … Oui!

    Clase … Sí!

    Klasse (pronounced /clasr/) … Ja! (pronounced /ya/)

    Kurasu (pronounced /ku-das/) … Hai! (pronounced /hi/)

    Lèi (pronounced /lay/) … Shì! (pronounced /she/)

    Elizabeth Ross

    1. I forgot I wanted to share an amazing class/yes story! I teach summer school, this past summer I used WBT the entire time. On the 12th day of summer school all of my (special education) students were playing on the playground before school started. I said "class" in a normal tone of voice and all 16 of them replied "yes" and immediately began to line up to go inside. What and easy, wonderful attention getter!

    2. Libby,
      Great story! Nice variety of Class-Yes! Here are 25 points and a 10 point Bonus!

  5. 10 Variations of Class? Yes!

    1) Class-tastic? Yes-tastic!

    2) Class Friday? Yes, Friday!

    3) Class ready? Yes, Freddy!

    4) Class hocus? Yes, focus!

    5) Class all set? Yes, you bet!

    6) Class H2O? Yes, osmosis!

    7) Class classification? Yes, Linnaeus!

    8) Class Biologist? Yes, alive!

    9) Class Astronomers? Yes, astronomy!

    10) Class 7C? Yes, team!

    Rebecca Murphy

    1. Rebecca,
      Your science theme is evident! Here are 25 points for you!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 1. Scooby Dooby Doo or Yabba Dabba Doo voice:
    Classy Classy Doo! Yessy Yessy Doo!
    2. Whiny voice: Claaaaasssss! Yeeeeesssssss!
    3. Yodeling: Classy classy who! Yessy yessy who!
    4. Do re mi fa: Class class class class Yes yes yes yes
    5. Sol la ti do: Class class class class yes yes yes yes
    6. Yo class! Yo yes!
    7. Classtastic! Yestastic!
    8. (A day of antonym Class… yes)
    Class up Yes down (too many possible answers?).
    9. Class ‘um yes’um
    10. (music rhythm: ta ta ti ti ta)
    class class class class class yes yes yes yes yes
    11. Ahhh… class? Ahhh…yes?
    12. Class trick! Class treat!
    13. Classity Doo Da! Yessity Doo Da!
    14. Class…Boo! Yes… Boo!
    15. Class… Gobble! Yes… Gobble!

    Suzanne St. Laurent

    1. Suzanne,
      I love the variety in your Class/Yes choices! On #8, using the antonyms is actually a great idea, it falls under the "All Star" level of Class/Yes for the teacher by using core knowledge as a call back. (Rookie level is Class/Yes, Pro level is Class/Boom, All Star level is core knowledge). Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  8. I posted this awhile back and haven't seen points awarded. I tried several times to post, but it didn't take. I did however turn in copies at our meeting. Anyway, just wanted to try reposting to see what may or may not happen.
    1.) Classity, class, class - Yessity, yes, yes
    2.) Clap 2 times or tap hands on desks two time in the tune of "We Will Rock You" then say class. They do the same and respond yes.
    (ex.- tap,tap,class - tap,tap,yes
    3.)Hellooooooooo classssss - Hellooooooooo yessssss
    4.)Whoomp there it is class! - Whoomp there it is yes!
    5.)Holla back class class! -- Holla back yes yes!
    6.)Class - Yes (whisper voice first, medium voice next, louder voice last)
    7.)R-E-S-P-E-C-T class - R-E-S-P-E-C-T yes **clap hands once as I say class and students will clap once as they respond yes**
    8.)Booyah yah classsssss - Booyah yah yessssssss
    9.)Clickity class class -- Clickity yes yes
    10.)Boom shaka-laka class --- Boom shaka-laka yes
    Karlyn Davis

    1. Karlyn,
      Thanks for your patience and persistence in posting to this topic! I like the energy and variety of your examples! What grade(s) do you teach? Here are 25 points for you!

  9. Variations and Theme: Class-Yes

    1. Oh, Classmate! Oh, yes-mate!

    2. Classical Class! Yessical Yes!

    3. Class Class Classification! Yes Yes Yessification!

    4. Class Class Classico! Yes Yes Yesico!

    5. Classier Class! Yessier Yes!

    6. Classy Classier Classiest! Yessy Yessier Yessiest!

    7. Class Class Classifieds! Yes Yes Yessifieds!

    8. Class-Room! Yes-Room!

    9. Class Class Classers! Yes Yes Yessers!

    10. Classicized! Yessicized!

    11. Class-Yo-Ho-Ho! Yes-Yo-Ho-Ho!

    12. Class Ker-Ching! Yes Ker-Ching!

    13. Class Ding-Dong! Yes Ding-Dong!

    14. Class Choo-Choo! Yes Choo-Choo!

    15. Class Moo! Yes Moo!

    Jacqueline Nessuno

    1. Jacqueline,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  10. 1. Wooo, Class… Wooo, Yes

    Parts of Speech:
    2. Class, town… Yes, noun
    3. Class, you… Yes, pronoun
    4. Class, the… Yes, article
    5. Class, huge… Yes, adjective
    6. Class, running… Yes, verb
    7. Class, wildly…Yes, adverb
    8. Class, Class, so… Yes, Yes, conjunction

    Math conversions fraction/decimal:
    9. Class, clap, 1/10… Yes, clap, 0.1
    10. Class, snap, ½… Yes, snap, 0.5
    11. Class, stomp, 1/5… Yes, stomp, 0.2
    12. Class, cluck, 1/3… Yes, cluck, 0.33
    13. Class, kiss, 2/3… Yes, kiss, 0.67

    Analogies from previously given list:
    14. Synonym! Class, joyful… Synonym! Yes, happy
    15. Antonym! Class, inflation… Antonym! Yes, deflation
    16. Part to Whole! Class, finger… Part to Whole! Yes, hand
    17. Characteristic! Class, tropical… Characteristic! Yes, hot
    18. Degree! Class, mist… Degree! Yes, fog
    19. Type! Class, golden retriever… Type! Yes, dog
    20. Tool to Worker! Class, pen… Tool to Worker! Yes, writer
    21. Action to Object! Class, fly… Action to Object! Yes, airplane
    22. Item to Purpose! Class, knife… Item to Purpose! Yes, cut
    23. Product to Worker! Class, poet… Product to Worker! Yes, poem

    Science vocabulary: body systems, done in strange voices, with gestures:
    24. Class, eat… Yes, digestive
    25. Class, blood… Yes, circulatory
    26. Class, sick… Yes, immune
    27. Class, weights… Yes, muscular
    28. Class, bones… Yes, skeletal
    29. Class, breath… Yes, respiratory
    30. Class, glands… Yes, endocrine

    The possibilities are truly endless, but I like to use my Class-Yes with content knowledge so it not only gets their attention, but reviews material and reinforces their learning. This could be a lot of fun!

    Amanda Blum

  11. Amanda,
    You have a superb list of content terms within your Class/Yes variations! What a wonderful way to extend their knowledge! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for your extra effort!

  12. 1. Talking as fast as possible throwing both hands in the air, requiring students to respond with the same motion and speed: “Oh Class!”- “Oh Yes!”
    2. In an opera singing voice- “CL-A-A-A-A-A-Assss!”- “Y-E-E-E-E-E-Esss!”
    3. “Classy, Classy”- “Yessy, Yessy”
    4. To the popular baseball clap cheer (X-X-XXX): “Class, Class, class class class!”- “Yes, Yes, yes yes yes!”
    5. To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: “Class, Class, Class Class Class”= “Yes, Yes, Yes Yes Yes”
    6. Rolling my head around in a circle and deep rolling voice- “Classity-Classity-Classity-Class”- “Yesity-Yesity-Yesity-Yes”
    7. Like a question, making my voice rise at the end and shrugging my shoulders, they mimic what I do: Class? -Yes?
    8. Like a snake: “Classsssssssssssssssssssssssss”- “Yessssssssssssssssssssssss”
    9. Like a little old granny, reaching my hand out as if wobbly and holding a cane requiring them to do the same: “Oh Clllaaass.”- “Oh Yeesss”.
    10. Mimicking a sneeze- “CLAAasss!”-“ YEeeess!”

    Candice Phipps

    1. Candice,
      Great list- I really like #10, that would certainly make them smile! Here are 25 certification points!

  13. Ch. 6
    15 different versions of Class-Yes

    1. We will, we will…class - Rock you, yes!
    2. Classity class - yessity yes!
    3. Peanut, peanut butter, class - And jelly, yes!
    4. You got it, class? - We got it, yes!
    5. Class, class, class – Yes, yes, yes!
    6. S-U-C-C-E-S-S, class – Spells Success, Yes!
    7. Who’s ready, class? – I’m ready, yes!
    8. Class, you got this? – Yes, we got this!
    9. Yoo hoo, class – Yoo hoo, yes!
    10. Wave your hands in the air, class – like you just don’t care, yes!
    11. One, two, class – Look at you, yes!
    12. Yee haw, class! – Yee haw, yes!
    13. Where, class? – Here, yes!
    14. 3 “S” Line, class? – 3 “S“ line, yes! (use outside when they’re in a line)
    15. Good morning, class – Good morning, yes!

    1. Jackie,
      Great job! It is really helpful to jot several down on your lesson plans each day to remind yourself to use a variety! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  14. 1. Howdy Class....Howdy Yes
    2. Hola Class....Hola Yes
    3. Adios Class...Adios Yes
    4. Rainbows Class!....Rainbows Yes! (When the class is walking in the hall or lining up, I remind them to think of nice things and it helps to make our line look like a pretty rainbow).
    5. Holy Moly Class....Guacamole Yes!
    6. Are you class?....We're smart, yes!
    7. Do you drool, class?.....No, we're cool, yes!
    8. Chicka, Chicka, Class....Boom, Boom, Yes!
    9. Da-Da-Da-Da-Class.....Yes, Yes!
    10. What does the fox say, Class?.....Yes!
    11. Class times 2!....Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!
    12. Meow, Class....Meow, Yes!
    13. (Opera voice) Oh, Claaaaaaaas! (Opera voice) Oh, Yeeeeeeees!
    14. (Country voice) Hey Yall!....Did ya' Call?
    15. (Rapper voice) Yo Class, Yo Yes!

    1. Megan,
      Fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  15. 1. Hold Up!..... Wait a Minute!
    2. Alright Stop! ..... Hammer Time!
    3. Class, Class, Class (like Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby, Baby")..... OHHHH!!
    4. Avengers! ..... Assemble!
    5. Cowa! .......Bunga!
    6. Gotta get that ..... Boom Boom Boom! (Black Eyed Peas)
    7. You're gonna hear me ...... ROAR!
    8. Class, Woot Woot! .... Yes, Woot Woot!
    9. Aloha Class .... Aloha Yes (in a calm voice)
    10. Class! 1, 2, 3! .... Yes! That is me!
    11. Class Y! ..... M, C, A! (doing the motions)
    12. Class, can you dig it? .... YES! We can dig it!
    13. I've got the ..... POWER!
    14. Class, you're my class class! ... Yes, we're your class, yes!
    15. Let's go Class Class .... Let's go!

    1. My first post! Sorry, I forgot to add my full name!
      Heidi Treffert

    2. Heidi,
      I'm so glad you've joined the book club!! Good attempt at the Class-Yes. Although you did have a couple of class/yes variations that use "class-yes", (#8, 9, 10, 12, 13), the WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. Here are 10 certification points for your effort. Save this document in a word file to submit later. I hope you continue the book club- it is so helpful as you work your way toward "teacher heaven"!

  16. Class-Yes variations
    1. whisper voice
    2. angry voice
    3. sad voice
    4. gasp class!
    5. “Buuuttt moooom” voice
    6. linger on the s “classssssss”
    7. wavy voice “cla-a-as”
    8. lisp “clatttthhh”
    9. 7 times really fast
    10. duck voice (sounds more like a quack than “class”)

    1. Adrienne,
      Nice variation! Here are 25 certification points!

  17. - here we go, oh yeah
    - knock knock, here we are
    - are you ready, yes freddy
    - sneetches, beaches
    - blow it up, boom
    - milford, lakers
    - number (hold up a number), (students say numbers name)
    - shape (hold up a shape), students say shape name)
    - color, students say the color held
    - go team, go
    - all set, you bet
    - kinder, rocks
    - let's think, let's learn

  18. Nichole,
    Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Unfortunately I am unable to award any points on this, but you have submitted several other great posts! Keep up the great work!

  19. I love using “Class-Yes” every day because the kids respond so energetically and quickly to it. Beside the more specific items below, I also use many other voices and accents to vary the “Class-Yes!” technique as well: alien, robot, deep, high-pitched, quick & jolted or slow & smooth, impersonations of celebrities/ cartoons (to the best of my ability haha), etc. I just love using “Class-Yes!” in my room!

    1) I can beatbox it:
    Teacher: Class-to-the-class-to-the-class-de-class-de-class!
    Kids: Yes-to-the-yes-to-the-yes-de-yes-de-yes!
    2) The kids crack-up when I sound like a creepy, evil snake while saying, “Classs?” and wiggling my fingers at them.
    3) I utilize classical pieces like “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss II and “Für Elise” and “Symphony No. 5: Part I” by Ludwig van Beethoven to convey "Class-Yes!"- often with an operatic voice.
    4) I often implement gestures/clapping rhythms before, during or after saying, “Class!”
    5) To the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”:
    Teacher: Oh where, oh where is my classity, class?
    Kids: Right here, right here. Oh yesity, yes!
    6) I say, “Class!” with one arm crossed in front of the face, just under the eyes. Like I am shielding myself with my superhero cape!
    7) I try to impersonate a ditsy, lackadaisical type of person:
    Teacher: Like class class! Totally class class?
    Kids: Like yes yes! Totally, yes yes!
    8) I often sneak in our classroom number, B-29, while saying, “Class!”
    9) I’ve done a voice that starts loud then fades as if falling with a big explosion at the end:
    Teacher: CLLLAAAAaaaaahhhsssss! *explosion with hands*
    Kids: YYYYEEEEeeeesssss *mimics me*
    10) Utilizing some Science/Social Studies concepts:
    Teacher: Three states of matter, Class?
    Kids: Solid, liquid, gas. Yes!

    Teacher: What is history, class?
    Kids: The story of the past, yes!
    11) Using the 5 rules:
    Teacher: Rule number 1, class?
    Kids: Follow directions quickly, yes!
    12) I often use video game, television, and movie theme songs and replace the notes/words with “Class-Yes!” For example, I recently replaced the first few lines of the chorus of “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen with “Class!”

    -Brianne Betz :)

    1. Brianne,
      Nice job! I can feel your enthusiasm - I bet your classroom is full of FUNtricity! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus since you included 2 extras at the bottom and several variations in your first paragraph!

  20. 1. Ohhhhhhhhh Claaaaasssss!- Ohhhhhhh Yeeeeesss!
    2. Classy Class! – Yessy Yes!
    3. Um Excuse Me Class? – Um Excuse Me Yes?
    4. CLASS CLASS CLASS! (loud)- YES YES YES! (loud)
    5. Class (whisper)- Yes (whisper) * This is usually my last one so they’re calm and focused.
    6. Hello class! (British accent) – Hello yes (British Accent)
    7. Oh class (sobbing)- oh yes (sobbing)
    8. Class – a – doodle doo? - Yes-a-doodle do!
    9. (To the tune of happy birthday) Class class class class class class? – Yes yes yes yes yes yes!
    10. C-L-A-S-S – Y-E-S

    Core knowledge Class- Yes

    (plural forms of a word)

    1. Class bird? Yes birds!

    (rhyming words)

    2. Class now? Yes how!


    3. Class up? – Yes down!

    (skip counting)

    4. Class 5, 10- Yes, 15, 20!


    5. Class 2 + 2 – Yes, 4!

    1. Caroline,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extra Core Knowledge replies!

  21. 1. Raise voice high and then low.
    2. Do it as a roar.
    3. Cheerleading style. Spell each letter.
    4. Robot voice.
    5. Class – clap-class-clap-clap.
    6. Like a bullhorn – put both hands around mouth and say “Class”.
    7. Whisper voice.
    8. Stomp – class-stomp.
    9. Sing song voice.
    10. Make an animal noise – Class-meow.

    Mary Carlson

  22. Mary,
    Voice variations of Class Yes can really amp up the energy in a classroom! Nice job! Here are 25 points!

  23. In Chapter 6 of Whole Brain Teaching it warns against habituation. We want our students excited for what we will think up next to keep them engaged. These variations can be interspersed with the basic Class-Yes to provide even more choice for the teacher. Changing how the teacher says the prompt will expand our choices exponentially. Teachers can whisper, squeak, growl, yell, and repeat to name just a few options. Many of these can be done on a monthly basis coinciding with a holiday. Others can relate to a unit of study. The object is to have fun while calling the class to attention.

    Variations on Class- Yes:
    1. Cowboys-Indians
    2. Peanut butter- Jelly
    3. Red, White- and Blue
    4. Nouns-Verbs
    5. Twist-and Shout
    6. Frog-and Toad
    7. Sunshine- and Shadows
    8. Reading- Writing
    9. Pilgrims-Indians
    10. Elves-Reindeer
    11. Hearts- Flowers
    12. Ghosts- Witches
    13. Practice-Makes perfect
    14. Sandbox- Seesaw
    15. Goldilocks- and the Three Bears

    Liz Howard

    1. Liz,
      Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Your first paragraph hit the nail on the head though! You could possibly use some of these by adding a "class" and a "yes" with them. Here are 10 points for your effort!

  24. 10 Variations of ‘Class – Yes’ + 5

    1. Classy! (said like a cowboy ‘Howdy’ raising voice at end) – Yessy! (said like a cowboy ‘Howdy’ raising voice at end)

    2. Class-a-doodle – Yes-a-doodle

    3. Classity, class, class – Yessity, yes, yes

    4. (nasal voice) Class – (nasal) Yes

    5. Class 3+7 – Yes 10

    6. Class Noun – Yes person place or thing

    7. Class mascot – Yes Sharks

    8. Wonderful Class – Wonderful Teacher

    9. Good Morning Class – Good Morning Teacher

    10. Class Stop – Yes, look and listen

    11. Class hop – Yes (hopping)

    12. Class freeze – Yes (freeze position)

    13. Class (double stamp feet, slap legs and clap) – Yes (double stamp feet, slap legs and clap)

    14. Class-a-roonie (spin around) – Yes-a-roonie (spin around)

    15. (whispering) Classsssss – (whispering) Yessssssss

    There are so so many variations to ‘Class Yes’. Each one above can be repeated with different sounds, number facts, definitions, time of day, etc. My class loves when I throw in a new variation. Last Thursday was, “Class Happy – Yes Easter!”.

    Bonnie Marvin

  25. Bonnie,
    Good attempt at Class/Yes, but try make them repeat what you say with just a variation. So for "Good Morning Class," they would say "Good Morning Yes". Since you had a total of 10 with this expectation you have received 25 points for this post. Another thing to keep in mind, when you give a fact call back, make sure the student says the entire math problem to store this in their brain (Class 3+7 – Yes 10 should be Class 3+7 – Yes 3+7= 10 as well as Class Noun – Yes Noun is a person place or thing. Keep up the great work!

  26. 1.- Olé Class!/ Olé yes!
    2.- Bonjour Classe/ Bonjour Oui (French class)
    3.- Oh Class! Oh Class! Oooooh Class!
    Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oooooh Yes!
    4.- Class up on the mountains! / Yes, down by the river!
    5.- Class amigo!/ Yes, amigo! (Spanish class version)
    6.- Class, fish fishing! / Yes, feed feeding! (time to feed the class fish)
    7.- Classity class ball!/ Yessity yes catch! (sport class)
    8.- Oh Class, class , I question! / Oh yes, yes, we answer!
    9.-Oo la lá Classe! / Oo la lá Yes! (again French class)
    10.- Class, class! Let´s start the party!
    Yes, yes let´s get some homework!
    (time to check homeworks in class with the tune of “Let´s start the party”)

    1. Fabysar,
      Nice variation! Here are 25 certification points!

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  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Math
    1. Class 9x9 Yes 9x9=81
    2. Class Right Angle Yes Right Angle is 90 degrees
    3. Class 63/7 Yes 63/7=9

    4. Class thirty Yes t-h-i-r-t-y
    5. Class photo Yes p-h-o-t-o

    States and Capitals
    6. Class Missouri Yes Jefferson City, Missouri
    7. Class Arkansas Yes Little Rock, Arkansas

    8. Class New York Yes New York proper noun

    Social Studies
    9. Class Doubled size of U.S. Yes Louisiana Purchase doubled U.S.
    10. Class journal Yes journal is primary source

    Variations of Class Yes
    11. Class (old man voice) Yes (old man voice)
    12. Class Super Yes Super Heroes
    13. Class Ka Yes Ka Boom (Sounds like a bomb exploding.)
    14. Class Engines Yes Engines Started
    15. Class Monday Yes Monday Fun Day

    1. Ashley,
      Great work on your 10 Class/Yes and 5 bonus variations. Make sure on the content areas you train your kids to know exactly what you want their responses to be. As you know, practice and high expectations are what make this work so well. Here are your 25 certification points and 5 bonus points.

  30. Part 1 -
    Class-Yes is a powerful, attention-grabbing toll used in everyday lessons. It allows for instant focus of your children requiring a quick response to a teacher given prompt. Within in the general music classroom setting, there are a wide variety of variations to choose from to help focus Class-Yes on musical content. The following are my variations.

    1. Slide-whistle – Instead of a vocal call Class-Yes, the music teacher can use the commonly used slide whistle as a Class-Yes prop. Here is an example of how it can be used; your students are in the middle of a “teach ok” session. You, the teacher, plays a simple, short slide whistle melody. The students respond with the same melody but with their head voice. Students can even sing the slide whistle melody using the word Yes. This variation grabs the attention of students and reinforces singing with the head voice (crucial concept in music education).
    2. Rhythm Pattern Class Yes- A simple variation to Class-Yes. While performing this call back, the teacher will focus on chanting the word class on both simple and compound rhythm patterns. These patterns will be chanted back on the word yes. The class will start simple verbally saying the patterns. Then once skill at the rhythm patterns has been developed the teacher and students can clap and speak further developing the rhythm.
    3. Solfeggio – Teaching the solfeggio ladder is a critical part of the music education of elementary school students. It lays the foundation for a successful future in music instruction. What better way to review the hand gestures of the ladder than to use it as a class call back. In this variation, students will echo class on solfeggio patterns. For example the teacher will use the solfegg hand symbols and sing class, class, class on the correct solfegg pitches. Student will respond with yes singing and using the same hand symbols.
    4. Finish the Phrase – This class-yes is a bit more complicated but is effective in helping reinforce the concept of musical phrases ending with the tonic note. The teacher will sing the tonic pitch and say the word tonic. They will then quickly sing a melodic phrase on the word class. The students will respond simply with the word yes on tonic. These phrases in combination with the tonic need to be no longer than a measure in length. To long and the call back will be lost.
    5. Rock Stair Air Guitar – A great call back with the younger grade levels. In this call back the teacher will excitedly strum an air guitar while saying class in an 80’s hair metal rock star voice. Students respond in the same manner, matching the teachers rock star guitar strumming. Vary the strumming pattern to keep the students on their toes.
    - Jason Thomashefsky

  31. Part 2 -
    6. Melodic Contour – Work on identifying the melodic contour of voices during class yes. Teacher says melodic contour class while blatantly moving their voice in one direction (up or down). The class repeats the melodic contour on yes and ends with the direction they though it was; up or down.
    7. Ensemble Specific – To vary the call back with different types of music classes, one can simple say the type of ensemble. Each various ensemble should also have a specific hand gesture that accompanies it. With my choir, when I say Choir and the respond yes, I expect them in the perfect choir posture. In recorder class, when I say recorder band and the say yes, they know to also have their recorders up in playing position. The same goes for band and orchestra, they hear the ensemble name they respond with yes and posture I expect.
    8. Instrument Families – In this variation the teacher will say an instrument followed by class. The students will respond with the proper instrument family (brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion) and a yes. For example, the teacher says “Timpani Class” and the students respond “Percussion Yes”.
    9. Famous Compositions – Similar to the instrument families’ variation, in Famous compositions, the teacher will say the name of a famous pieces the students are studying followed by a class. The students will respond with the name of the composer. For example, Teacher “Mother Goose Suite Class” and the students respond with the full name of the composer “Maurice Ravel Yes”.
    10. Identify the Meter – This variation will be reserved for 5th grade and above (or some advanced younger students). Teacher says the word meter followed by the correct number of steady classes of a given musical meter. Must be spoken in a beat. The students respond with the correct meter. For example, the teacher says “Meter Class, Class, Class” and the Students respond with “Triple, Yes, Yes, Yes”.
    -Jason Thomashefsky

    1. Jason,
      This is a wonderful way to incorporate your music concepts! The students will need to rehearse your expected responses to keep it quick and clean. This will be a fun way to help them absorb more content! Way to go! Here are 25 certification points and a 5 point bonus for detail. (Make sure you keep a copy of all posts and points awarded in a word document to submit later for certification).

  32. 1. Class, Class, Class- Yes, Yes, Yes to the tune of the Adams’ Family
    2. Class, Yodel – Yes, Yodel
    3. Class, Class, Class- Yes, Yes, Yes to the tune of the Beatles’ She Loves You
    4. Class (gator chomp)- Yes (gator chomp)
    5. Hola, Class, Class, Class- Hola, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown
    6. Class 1,2,3 eyes on me-Yes 1,2, eyes on you
    7. Class fish and chips-yes fish and chips
    8. Ooooo Class Class- Ooooo Yes Yes
    9. Let’s Go Class, Class- Let’s Go Yes, Yes
    10. Class, clap, clap, clap-Yes, clap, clap, clap
    11. Buenos Dias My Wonderful Class- Buenos Dias Our Wonderful Teacher
    12. The Best Class Ever- The Best Yes Ever
    13. You Are My Best Class- My Only Best Yes ( to the tune of You Are My Sunshine)
    Irish Brown

    1. Irish,
      Great job! I love #3! Here are 25 certification points!

  33. Chapter 6

    Class, class, class! Yes, yes, yes!

    Clap, clap, class! Clap, clap, yes!

    Class hello! Yes hello!

    Snap, snap, class! Snap, snap, yes!

    Class! Yes! (said very slowly in a deep voice)

    Yo class! Yo yes!

    Clap, one at a time hands hit your lap, clap, class! Clap, one at a time hands hit your lap, clap, yes!

    Fleming’s class! Fleming yes!

    Hey, hey class! Hey, hey yes!

    Ready, ready, class! Ready, ready, yes!

    1. Karen,
      Good job! Keep mixing it up and your kids will love the element of funtricity that it adds - and it really works! Here are 25 certification points!

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  35. I'm so glad I stumbled on this post! My class-yes needed a little something something to amp up my WBT.
    1.) Yo ho ho class here we go: Yo ho ho yes here we go
    2.) Bombastic CLASS-tastic: Bombastic YES-tastic
    3.) Class North and South (pointing up and down) : Yes East and West (pointing right and left)
    4.) Super-CLASSa-fraglistic: YES-pialidoshus
    5.) Classity Doo Dah: Yessity Yeah (Tune of Zip A Dee Doo Dah)
    6.) Hey ho class, hey ho yes
    7.) CLASS, can ya hear me? :YES, we can hear you! (tune to the hook of a popular song)
    8.) Cla-a-a-a-a-a-assss (Alternate pitches during the "ah"s)
    9.) Class Class Claaasss (first two short, last one long with pitch variation)
    10.) Class mmmmm mmmm Class: Yes mmmm mmmm Yes

    Shila Heeter

    1. Shila,
      Nice job! When you need to amp up again, just come back and get more great ideas from others that post here! Here are 25 certification points- save all of your posts and points earned in a word document to submit later for certification.

  36. 1. Oh, my classy: Oh, my yessy
    2. Awesome, awesome classy: Awesome, awesome yessy
    3. Are there zebras in the house? Yes, there are zebras in the house! (Zebras are our school mascot.)
    4. Claaaaaaaaass? Yeeeeeeees?
    5. Rockin' rockin' class: Rockin' rockin yes
    6. Class (in a whisper voice): Yes (in a whisper voice)
    7. Dear, dear class: Dear dear yes
    8. Supercaliclassy: Supercaliyessy
    9. Sing a song a class: Sing a song a yes
    10. Atten hut class! Atten hut yes!

    1. Joyce,
      Cute ideas! Here are 25 certification points!

  37. 10 variations on class/yes
    1. Classity class - yessity yes
    2. Oh class - Oh yes
    3. high pitch - Class/Yes
    4. low pitch - Class/Yes
    5. whisper - Class/Yes (I like to use this one when they seem unfocused)
    6. (march and salute) Class class class/Yes yes yes
    7. singing - Class/Yes
    8. screechy - Class/Yes
    9. Tarzan voice - Class class/Yes yes
    10. low to high - Class/Yes
    some I will use from past posts
    11. antonyms Class up/Yes down
    12. math facts Class 7+3, Yes 7-3=10

    Carl Rust

    1. Carl,
      Great job! I imagine they will really like the Tarzan one! Here are 25 certification points!

  38. These are variations of "Class-Yes" I am going to try this year in 5th grade:

    1. Class! / Yes! (High voice moving to low)
    2. Class-a-rappin' / Yes-a-rappin'
    3. Classey class class / Yessey yes yes (Squeaky voice)
    4. Class you rock! / Yes you rock!
    5. Class / Yes (Growling voice) -- Our school mascot is a bulldog, I think this will fit well.
    6. Class class hey! / Yes yes hey!
    7. Yo yo class! / Yo yo yes!
    8. Class you're the bomb! / Yes you're the bomb! (Make a blow up sound after "Class" and students repeat sound after "Yes"
    9. Clauauass! / Yeueues! (Change tone of voice with each "au" and "eu" going up and down until the end of the word.)
    10. Class stay focused! / Yes stay focused!

    1. Signature for this post:

      Ellen Vaught

    2. Ellen,
      Great job! I bet they will love #5! Here are 25 certification points!

  39. Class - Yes is by far the best attention getter technique that I have ever used in my classroom. It works! However, if you use the same variation too many times habituation may occur. I have personally experienced this and had to quickly begin creating and researching as many different variations as possible. In order for me to remember the many different variations, I made small, poster-like cheat sheets to hang up around the room so I could quickly rattle one off. Here is a list of the favorites I've used. I'm not sure which ones I made up and which ones I've found on different websites, but my kids have loved them all!

    Teacher: Students:
    1. Belcher Bobcats

    2. Red Robin Yum
    (To the tune of the Red Robin jingle. Students hold yum until I cut
    them off with a hand signal - about 3 seconds).

    3. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

    4. Raise the Roof Woot! Woot!
    (Hands raise the roof twice)

    5. Class Class Class Yes Yes Yes
    (Sung in the tune of the NBC tone)

    6. Hey Awesome Class! Hey Awesome Yes!

    7. Dear Sweet Class! Dear Sweet Yes!

    8. Go long class! Caught it yes!
    (Teacher pretends to through a football. Students catch it and bring hands to lap.)

    9. Dribble & Pass Class! Shoot & Swish Yes!
    (Teacher pretends to dribble and pass a basketball. Students catch it, shoot
    it, and bring hands down and together on yes)

    10. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
    (Sung to the Mickey Mouse Club House tune)

    1. Heidi,
      You have a fun variety here. Coach B. prefers that all of the responses include "Class and Yes" for consistency (unless using a content response such as 4x4...16) You could add in a class and yes on the few that didn't have them. I have collected a list of about 250 varieties so that I avoid habituation, and the beauty is that my students are always tuned in to listen for the class/yes variations. Here are 20 certification points!

  40. Ten “Class / Yes” ideas
    1. Class Wow
    2. Class Shaboom
    3. Class-a-sass
    4. Class Pop
    5. Class Bing-a-bang
    6. Class Shazam
    7. Class Cubs! (school mascot)
    8. Class Boo!
    9. Class Shazam
    10. Class Zing

    Sheryl Larson

    1. Sheryl,
      You have some cute choices! Make sure they follow up with the same reply and a "yes". (Class, Wow!, Yes, Wow! etc.) Here are 25 certification points!

  41. Here are the top 10 Class-Yes Variations from Lewis School:
    1. Hey Class!
    2. Oh Class!
    3. La Clase (we have a large Hispanic population at our school)
    4. Class what what!
    5. Class a Ding Ding!
    6. Class Class (vary the pitch level with year repetition)
    7. Lets do this Class
    8. Um Class!
    9. Class Yes (the key to this variation is that I say it like I'm talking into a CB radio. They LOVE it!)
    10. Chicka Chicka Class!

    1. Megan,
      What fun these will be! Here are 25 certification points! (make sure you follow these up with the "yes" response)

  42. Forgot to include my name, my apologies. The above post is for Megan Hunter

  43. Class-Yes Variations!

    1. “Classity-Class?” “Yessity yes!”
    2. “Boom Chicka Class?” “Boom chicka yes!”
    3. “Goochie Goochie Class?” “Goochie goochie yes!”
    4. “Roof roof class?” “Roof roof yes?”
    5. “Meow class?” “Meow Yes?”
    6. “Classssssss?” “Yesssssss?” ← like a snake!
    7. “What up class?” “What up yes?”
    8. “Hey hey class?” “Hey hey yes?”
    9. “Click clack class?” “Click clack yes?”
    10. “Boo class?” “Boo yes?”
    11. “Gobble gobble class?” “Gobble gobble yes?”
    12. “Jingle jingle class?” “Jingle jingle yes?”
    13. “Boo hoo class?” “Boo hoo yes?”
    14. “Moo moo class?” “Moo moo yes?”
    15. “Class what’s a verb?” “Yes! A verb is an action word!”

    Amber Hartzler

    1. Amber,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  44. 1. Oh Class, Oh yes
    2. Oh Classity Class, Oh yesity yes
    3. Old lady tone: Class, yes
    4. squeaky mouse tone: Class, yes
    5. English Accent: Class, yes
    6. whisper tone: Class, yes
    7.deep tone:Class,Yes
    8. Yo class, Yo yes
    9. Hey class, Hey yes
    10. Oh class, class, class, Oh yes, yes, yes
    11. Boom shakalaka class, boom shakalaka yes
    12. Class boring, Yes snoring
    13. Antonyms: Class sad, Yes Glad
    14. Class a doodle doo, Yes a doodle doo
    15. Class 3+3, Yes 6
    16. Class..are you ready, Yes we’re ready
    17. Clap clap class, clap clap yes

    Arlene Snyder

    1. Arlene,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  45. 1. In a Dora the Explorer Singing Voice:
    Cuh Cuh Cuh Cuh Cuh-lasssss?
    Yuh Yuh Yuh Yuh Yuh-esssss!

    2. In a Mickey Mouse Voice:
    Meeska mooska, Class,
    Meeska mooska, Yes!

    3. From the Frozen Soundtrack:
    Can I just say something crazy, Class?
    Can I just say something crazy, Yes!

    4. In a Madea voice:
    Hellerrrr, Class?
    Hellerrrr, Yes!

    5. In a Madea Voice:
    How you derin, Class?
    How you derin, Yes!

    6. In a Pirate voice:
    Aye Aye, Class?
    Aye Aye, Yes!

    7. Football Season:
    Let’s get ready to rummmmmble, Class?
    Let’s get ready to rummmmmble, Yes!

    8. Touchdown, Class?
    Touchdown, Yes!

    9. In a pilot's voice as if there is some static (Holding hand up to mouth):
    Trays in the upright position lets prepare for takeoff, Class?
    Trays in the upright position, lets prepare for takeoff, Yes!

    10. Christmas Season:
    Holly jolly, Class?
    Holly jolly, Yes!

    11. Easter:
    Hippity hoppity, Class?
    Hippity hoppity, Yes!

    12. Valentines in a sweet little dainty voice:
    Oh my Dear Sweetheart Class?
    Oh my Dear Sweetheart Yes!

    13. Baseball Season:
    Hey batter, batter swing, Class?
    Hey batter, batter swing, Yes!

    14. Another Baseball Option in a singing voice:
    Take me out to the ballgame, Class?
    Take me out to the ballgame, Yes!

    15. Put another dime in the jukebox, Class?
    Put another dime in the jukebox, Yes!

    16. Hey you Cracker Jack, Class?
    Hey you Cracker Jack, Yes!

    17. Where's the beef, Class?
    Where's the beef, Yes!

    18. What did the fox say, Class?
    What did the fox say, Yes!

    19. Cabo Wabo, Class?
    Cabo Wabo, Yes!

    20. Have you heard the latest buzz, Class?
    Have you heard the latest buzz, Yes!

    Here's my ten... along with a few extra!!! :)

    Kelly Avery
    Intern 2014

    1. Kelly,
      These are fun choices! I'm sure they will love the Frozen one!! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  46. 1. Arrrgghh Class: Ahoy Yes
    2. Clap- Pause- Clap, Clap, Clap- Pause- Clap, Clap Class: Clap- Pause- Clap, Clap, Clap- Pause- Clap, Clap Yes
    3. Oh ohhhh class: Oh ohhhh yes
    4. Are you there class, class, class? : Ohhh yes, yes, yes!
    5. Class… are you ready to rumbblleee (rumble drawn out)?: Yes, we’re ready to rumbblleee!
    6. Ring, ring, ring… class?: Yes, yes, yes…Hello!
    7. One, two buckle my shoe oh class!: Three, four we’re ready for more oh yes!
    8. Class, class, class (waving hands in the air): Yes, Yes, Yes (waving hands in the air)
    9. What’s up class?: I’m what’s up yes!
    10. Listen up class, class, class!: I’m ready… yes, yes, yes!

    Sherry Thompson

    1. Sherry,
      Nice job! Here are 25 certification points!

  47. This was fun!!!!!
    1. Class guess - Yes what
    2. Classity classity class class - yesity yesity yes yes (sing song voice)
    3. Classy classy class – Yes (song to peanut butter and jelly song)
    4. Yee haw class - yee haw yes
    5. Frogtastic class - frogtastic yes
    6. Class you ready – yes Oh Yeah!
    7. Class oh class – yes oh yes
    8. Chug-a-chug-a Class Class! Chug-a-chug-a Yes Yes!
    9. We will, we will CLASS-CLASS!! We will, we will YES-YES!!
    10. Action words: class hop, yes hop (as they hop)
    11. Rhyming words: class bat, yes cat
    12. Deleting initial sound: class cart, yes art (works well with deleting final sounds)
    13. Blending sounds to make words: class /d/ /o/ /g/ - yes dog
    14. Class add - yes together (using hand motions)
    15. Class subtract - yes apart (using hand motions)

    Kim Kirkpatrick

    1. Kim,
      Great job! I like the addition of the content responses on the last 5! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  48. 1) Click-Clack-Class---------Click-Clack-Yes!

    2) Lewis and Class--------Clark and Yes!

    3) Mighty Class!-------Mighty Yes!

    4) When I say Class, you say yes! Classy----YES! Class----YES!

    5) Class-uh---------yes-uh!

    6) Whose Class?!----OUR CLASS!

    7) "Class says what?"-----"Class says yes!"

    8) Class, we rock!-----Yes, we rock!

    9) Class, we roll-----Yes, we roll!

    10) Class, who's awesome?!-----yes, we're awesome!

    Lacy Rhoton

    1. Lacy,
      Very cute! One thing that I will suggest is to keep the students always repeating what you say, aside from the yes part. You did this for all but #2. For example, for number 2, perhaps have them say Lewis and Clark, yes. This keeps them listening and repeating, all of what you say, back to you. We see a huge help with this when you call out fact practice calls. You would say, "5 times 6, class," and they would say " 5 times 6 equals 30, yes." You can also say, "5 times 6," and they would repeat, "5 times 6 equals 30." Here are your 25 certification points.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. 1. Classity Jingle Class…Yesity Jingle Yes
    2. Classtastic…Yestastic
    3. Class my class…Yes my teacher
    4. Class-y…yes-y
    5. Uh..Class?.....Uh, Yes?
    6. Cla-a-ss(coughing)…Ye-e-es (coughing)
    7. Cla… (really slow)....Ye…s.( really slow)
    8. Class-a-saurus…Yes-a-saurus
    9. Oh, class?...Oh, Yes?
    10. Class, math class…Yes, math yes
    11. Class 4X6…Yes 24
    12. Class, sentence…Yes, fragment
    13. Class, capital…Yes, period
    14. Class, subtraction….Yes, difference
    15. (singing) Class, class, class…(singing) Yes, Yes, Yes.

    Signed Jim Hobley, Wholebrainer

    1. Jim,
      I love how you are varying your calls. One thing that the WBT will suggest is to have the students repeat what you say, aside from the yes part. For example, for your numbers 11-14, yours students may get a little confused for what you want them to say. For number 12 they may say" yes, sentence," since you are training them to repeat what you say. For number 11. when you do fact practice, make sure to have them repeat the entire math sentence including their answer. This will take a lot of practice for different types of call backs that are not in the traditional format. Here are your 25 certification points.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Krystal, Thanks for your reply and insight. Looking back at my post, I can see what you mean about students wondering how to respond. What I was thinking includes selecting some hard-to-learn facts and saying the first part of the number sentence while teaching them to respond with the product. So, if I were to use "class 4x6," I would already have taught them to respond "Yes 24." I think you make a good point about students repeating the whole number sentence. Do you think there is a place for teaching the class to respond as in number 12? If I teach them they are supposed to say fragment after I say sentence? I'm just thinking out loud here. Signed Jim Hobley, Wholebrainer

    1. Jim,
      I will respond in a couple of ways...
      If you haven't checked out the Super Speed Ebook it does a great job at explaining why students should say the entire number sentence. In short, it is to help them store the entire answer with the question, instead of just memorizing a number. They have greater chances of recalling the answer to the correct problem if they repeat the problem and the answer. I even do this in class when we are solving word problems. As I am modeling on the board, I will say "6x4", then they have to repeat "6x4=24."
      As for number 12, 13, and 14: There certainly is a place and you have to make it all work for your class. I would suggest saying this,
      "Class, sentences without a full message."
      "Yes, A sentence without a full message is a fragment."
      Or you could even say,
      "Class, Sentence types."
      "Yes, Statement, question, exclamation, command," and have them do the gestures/brainies/air punctuation that go along with each.

      The only reservation is that these call backs are meant to be FAST to get their attention. This would take a lot longer to do these type of call backs. I wonder if this would be a better 1 minute rehearsal during transition times rather than an attention getter. Either way, the more that you have them practice and the more direct you are with this practice, the better they will be.
      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other question. I will be happy to help!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Oh this is fun as a music teacher!

    1. (opera voice) Class ~ Yes
    2. (country music) Class, class, class ~ Yes, yes, yes
    3. (rap) class, class ~ yes, yes
    4. (beat box) class ~ yes
    5. (rock) the class will, the class will ~ rock you yes, rock you yes

    or when learning styles of music

    6. class i cal, class i cal ~ yes i cal, yes i cal
    7. dixie, class ~ land, yes
    8. Hip, class ~ Hop, yes
    9. be bop class ~ shoo bop yes
    10. Gregorian class ~ chant yes

    or just fun with songs without the words class ~ yes
    11. Peanut Butter ~ Jelly Time
    12. Because I'm ~ HAPPY
    13. I say a boom ~ chicka boom
    14. If you're happy and you know it ~ clap your hands
    15. The Star Spangled ~ Banner

    Oh I could go on and on!

    1. Mitzi,
      Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You did this very well with 1-4, and 6. 7-10 can be used but you are really going to have to practice with the students on how to respond since your main way of getting their attention is to copy everything you say except the class, where they replace it with yes. You can see some more examples on pages 29-30 in the book. 11-15 are fun to use, but they are not what the team is looking for as for the callbacks. Here are 15 points for your effort!

  54. Chapter 5: Class-Yes Variations

    1. Classity-class...yessity-yes
    2. Classy-class...yessy-yes
    3. Classity-class-class...yessity-yes-yes
    4. Good morning class...good afternoon-yes
    5. Oh class...oh yes
    6. Can you hear me class?...We can hear you yes.
    7. Class ...yes with excited voice
    8. Class ...yes with sad voice
    9. Class ...yes with with both words drawn out
    10. Class ...yes with angry voice
    11. Class class class ...yes yes yes (in a singing voice)
    12. Class class class ...yes yes yes (in a whisper voice)
    13. Oh my dear class...oh Mrs. Palmer yes
    14. Class-a-doodle-doo...yes-a-doodle-doo
    15. Class 3x2...yes 3x2 is 6

    1. Sorry, this is actually Chapter 6. I just typed a 5 on accident.

    2. Hannah,
      Nice work! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  55. 1. Classy Classy - Yessy Yessy
    2. Class class classity class - yes yes yessity yes
    3. (To the tune of Oh When The Saints Go Marching In) Oh Class Class Class - Oh Yes Yes Yes
    4. (To the tune of Are You Sleeping) Class class class class - Yes Yes Yes Yes
    5. (in an old lady voice) Oooooh Classssss - Oooooh Yesssss
    6. (Gruff Voice) Class - Yess
    7. (To the tune of The Other Day I Met A Bear) Class class class class - Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Thinking About the Calendar:
    8. (September) Back to Class - Back to Yes
    9. (October - Thanksgiving - Canada) - Thankful Class - Thankful Yes
    10. (October - Halloween) - Hallo-class - Hallo-yes
    11. (October - Halloween) - Sssspppppooooookkkkkyyy Class - Ssssspppppooooookkkkkkyyyyy Yes
    12. (November - Remembrance Day - Canada) Poppies Class - Poppies Yes
    13. (December - Holidays) Holiday Class - Holiday Yes
    14. (January - New Year) New Year Class - New Year Yes
    15. (February - Valentine's Day) Lovely class - lovely yes
    16. (February - Groundhog Day) Shadow class - shadow yes
    17. (March - St. Patrick's Day) Green class - green yes
    18. (April - April Fool's) Tricked you class - Tricked you yes
    19. (May - Victoria Day - Canada) Fireworks class - fireworks yes
    20. (June - End of School) School's out class - school's out, YES!!!

    Lisa Rebecca Goldberg
    Ontario, Canada

    1. Lisa,
      You did a great job at varying your calls. The students will know just how to respond since you kept the same template. Here are your 25 certification points!

  56. 1. Class oh class yes oh yes
    2. Super so class super slow yes
    3. Classity class moo yesity yes moo
    4. Whisper class yes whisper class no
    5. Monster voice class monster voice class yes
    6. Gobble Class gobble yes
    7. Ho ho ho class ho ho ho yes
    8. Wee tiny voice Class wee tiny voice yes
    9. Papa Bear voice Class Papa Bear voice yes
    10. Old lady voice class old lady voice yes
    11. /a/ /a/ /a/ class /a/ /a/ /a/ yes (you can substitute with each letter sound you are teaching)
    12. t-h-e class t-h-e yes (you can substitute with any sight word you are learning0
    13. 2+2 is 4 class 2+2 is 4 yes (you can substitute with any class facts)
    14. Squeak squeak class squeak squeak yes (you can substitute with any animal sound)
    15. Jesus loves you class Jesus loves you yes
    16. Cause I’m happy class cause I’m happy yes (sing to the tune of the song)
    17. Clap stomp class clap stomp yes (you could substitute it with other patterns)
    18. Buzz class buzz yes
    19. Hoorah class hoorah yes
    20. Ooh laa laa class ooh laa laa yes

  57. Melissa,
    You have listed some fun choices! I like to keep a folder full of great class yes variations and note the ones I'd like to use each day on my lesson plans. Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  58. 1- One-Two-Three Class – One- Two –Three Yes! (or students go with the next three numbers)
    2- Morning Class! – Morning Yes!
    3- Evening Class! Evening Yes!
    4- Class, Hockey! – Yes, Pockey! (or Hockey, Class! – Pockey, Yes!)
    5- Octopus Class! – Octopus Yes! (Group name of my kindergarten class)
    6- Class-saurus! – Yes-saurus!
    7- The more Class! – The more Yes!
    8- Hoop, Class! – Hoop, Yes!
    9- Classly Class! – Yessly Yes!
    10- Class- Mlass! – Yes- Mess!
    11- Abra-Class! – Cadabra-Yes!
    12- A-B-C Class! – D-E-F Yes! (Say a row of three letters of the alphabet and students will go on with the next three letters)
    13- Here we go, Class! – Here we come, Yes!
    14- Class, now! – Yes, how!
    15- Boom boom Class! – Boom boom Yes!
    16- Knock,knock Class! - Knock, knock, Yes!(or Who is it? Yes!)

    1. Pinar,
      Nice job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  59. 1. Best Pre-K class... Oh yes!
    2. Snap crackle Class... Pop, yes!
    3. Niños, niños... ¡Sí, Sí!
    4. Chicka, Chicka class... Boom, boom yes!
    5. Hiddy, hiddy ho class... Hiddy Hiddy hey, yes!
    6. Are you ready class?... Yes I am!
    7. Hickory dickory dock class....Tick tock yes!
    8. Ready set class... Yes, you bet!
    9. Zip zip zap class... Yes, we're all that!
    10. Holy moly class... Guacamole, yes!
    11. Hands on top class... Yes, everybody stop!
    12. Ready to rock, class... Yes, ready to roll!
    13. Flat tire, class...Yes, shhhhhh.
    14. Eeny meeny, class...Yes, miny mo.
    15. Zip it, class...Lock it, yes!
    16. Monkey see, class...Monkey do, yes!

    1. Jannelle,
      Great choices! I love the flat tire one - ha! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  60. I love this technique! I have used so many Class-Yes combo that it is going to be hard to pick just 10, but here goes!

    Class Class Cha Cha Cha (yes yes cha cha cha) – I even do the little dance move and the kiddos do it too!

    Tigers Class ROAR! (Tigers YES ROAR!) – Our 4th grade class mascot is a tiger and when I taught 1st grade, my whole classroom was a jungle

    Oh Say Can You CLASS! - (oh say can you YES!)

    A little longer one – but my struggling kiddos LOVE IT! (I seem to use this more in math…): Let it CLASS Let it CLASS – Can’t hold it back anymore! (Let it YES Let it YES – Turn away and slam the door!) ALL TOGETHER: I don’t care what they’re going to say - let the storm rage on, We are going to LEARN it anyway! - Borrowed from ‘Frozen’

    We are the CLASS! (We are the YES!) The mighty mighty CLASS! (The mighty mighty YES!) – Borrowed from ‘Remember the Titans’

    Choose Kind CLASS (Choose Kind Yes!) – correlates with our shared reading of the book Wonder

    Inuit CLASS (Arctic YES)/ Kwakiutl CLASS (Northwest Yes)…I do all the Native American Tribes this way as we learn the tribes and the regions. I use this same strategy for the shelters/types of homes the Native Americans use.

    (moving my finger rapidly between my lips and making a swimming motion with my other arm) CLASS! (This is supposed to sound like we are underwater. I use this one a lot when we are teaching the water cycle. It’s fun even when we’re not!

    in a robotic voice: NOSASCOMP - CLASS (Adjective order - YES!) When we learn about the order of adjectives, we create a robot called NOSASCOMP. It helps them remember the order of adjectives when you use more than one to describe a noun. (NOSASCOMP=number, opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose)

    Amy Gilmer

    1. Amy,
      Wonderful choices! Don't you just LOVE the book Wonder? That is the perfect Class/Yes combo for that book! Here are 25 certification points!

  61. 10 Variations: Language Teachers!

    Spanish: Clase Dime (class - tell me)
    German: Schule ja-ja (school - yes)
    French: Classe Oui (class - yes)
    Japanese: Gakusei Redī (students - ready)
    Indonesian: sudah siap ya siap (ready - yes ready)
    Portuguese: classe diga-me (class - tell me)
    Russian: klass da (class - yes)
    Mandarin: Xuéshēng Zhǔnbèi (students - ready)
    Italian: classe sí sí (class - yes)
    Korean: hagsaeng junbidoen (students - ready)
    Of course in my classroom I use clase - dime and vary my voice and tone. I always gesture too! I especially love the disco move with the Saturday night fever voice.

    1. Becky,
      These are very interesting variations! Make sure each time you do the response that the teacher portion has "class" in it, the student portion has "yes" in it. This helps them recognize the response easier and they will respond more quickly and efficiently. Here are 25 certification points!

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Laurisa,
      Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Unfortunately I am unable to award any points on this, but you have submitted several other great posts! Keep up the great work!

    2. Good Morning,

      Here is my updated post. Thank you Michelle for your feedback. I altered many of my responses to fit the "class/yes" model. Sorry, for my original confusion. Have a wonderful day!

      1. The teacher questions, “oh students.”

      The students state back, “yes, teacher?”

      2. The teacher states, “CLLLLLLAAAAAAAASSSSS.”

      The students reply, “YYYYYEEEESSSSS?”

      3. The teacher chants, “Who? Yes, who? Who is ready to learn?”

      The students reply, “Yes. Teacher we are ready to learn.”

      4. The teacher states, “AHHH, students?”

      The students sigh back, “Yes, teacher?”

      5. The teacher sings, “Is the class on fire?”

      The students reply, “Yes, let's learn!”

      6. The teacher whispers, “OOOOOHHHH CLAAAAAAASSS?”

      The students whispers back, “YEEEESSSSS, TEEEEAAACHER?”

      7. The teacher states, “Students of mine?”

      The students reply, “Yes, teacher of mine?”

      8. The teacher questions, “Ready students?”

      The students reply, “Yes, engaged!”

      9. The teacher states, “Learning in 5. . . 4 . . . 3. . . 2 . . . 1 ”

      The students reply, “Yes, Teacher we have lift off!”

      10.The teacher sings, “Classity class class. . .”

      The students reply, "Yes! Yes!”

      Laurisa Fling

    3. Laurisa,
      Although Coach B. doesn't allow rewrites for points, I appreciate your effort in this post! Try to make variations on the class/yes to keep the "class" and the "yes" in both sides of the equation. For example, number 10 is perfect! On #9 you could say 5,4,3,2,1 CLASS, and they could reply 5,4,3,2,1 YES; for #8, you could say Ready CLASS, and they would reply Ready YES (or Class/ready....Yes/ready). There are several fun variations that you can do with the class/yes. The other situation that doesn't use the class/yes is when you are doing content call backs such as 9x5...and the class responds 45. Hope that helps! Check out the ones above, and there are many, many more here...

  63. Here are some versions of class, yes that correlate to teaching in my second grade classroom. These all relate to something taught or enjoyed with my students.

    Froggy Class! Yes, ribbit, ribbit!

    Monster Class! Yes, roar!

    Despereaux, Class! Once upon a time, yes!

    Miggery Sow, class! Yes, gor!

    Frobscottle Class! Yes, whizpopper!

    Sums Class! Yes, plus, plus!

    Differences Class! Yes, minus, minus!

    Place Value Class! Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, yes!

    Wilbur Class! Some Pig, yes!

    Charlotte Class! Salutations, yes!

    1. Veronica,
      Good job! Here are 25 certification points!

  64. Here are some versions I have used to date with my first graders. They like it when I switch it up!

    Class, class Yes, yes
    Oh cl-A-ss (louder then softer) Oh, y-E-s
    Class, class, classity, class Yes, yes, yessity, yes
    class (whisper) yes (whisper)
    Class, class (clap as you speak) Yes, Yes (clap as they speak)
    Class, 1,2 Yes 3, 4
    Classy, classy, boo hoo yessy, yessy, don’t cry
    Class (change the vowel sound) Yas (match the vowel)
    Classer (change the inflected ending) Yesser (match the inflected ending)
    Class-a-roo Yes-a-roo
    Little class (synonyms first) Small yes
    Little class (antonyms first) Big yes
    Cla-ass Ye-es
    Copy Class (do motion) Copy yes (copy motion)
    Ready class Ready yes
    Classy, classy Yessy, yessy
    Class...class...class (mimic echo) Yes...yes...yes (mimic echo)

    1. Sorry the format didn't hold. I hope it isn't too hard to read!

    2. Elisabeth,
      These are fun! Nice work, here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  65. I put all my class-yes variations on index cards so I can flip through as I teach to avoid too much repetition. Many of them involve movement especially crossing the midline to keep my kindergarteners’ bodies and minds refreshed and ready to learn. Here is a list of our 10 top and a few extras. Monika Fridrich

    1. Classity class – yessity yees
    2. (Papa bear voice) class-yes
    3. (Mama bear voice) class-yes
    4. (Baby bear voice) class-yes
    5. (Opera voice) class-yes
    6. (Rattlesnake) palms together, wiggle them in front: classssssss – yesssss
    7. (Cowboy) Class Ye-haw – Yes - ye-haw (circle a finger in the air like a lasso)
    8. (Roller coaster)- Claaaa.. (move hands slowly up) … sssssss (quickly down as rolling down the roller coaster) – yeeee … (move hands slowly up )…. Sss (quickly down as rolling down the roller coaster)
    9. (Stayin’ Alive) Claa-a-a-ass, classity, class, classity class– yee-e-e-ess, yessity, yes, yessity, yes
    10. Class 1plus1 – Yes 1plus1 is 2 (use fingers as you count, modify numbers)
    11. (Bubblegum) Say “Class” as with a full mouth, pretending to chew. Then place palms by your mouth and extend them slowly as you blow out three short quick puffs. Say POP and clap hands. – “Yes” as with a full mouth, pretending to chew. Then place palms by your mouth and extend them slowly as you blow out three short puffs. Say POP and clap hands. (We use this Class-Yes to release tension and to relax. It is usually followed by more breathing exercises.)
    12. Class, hip hip – yes, hip, hip, hurray (pump up hands in the air following by big circle)
    13. Class, spell “see” – yes, spell “see, s-e-e” (modify the sight words)
    14. (Genie) Class (fold arms like a genie, put arms up and then cross, 3 times, and blink your eyes) – yes (fold arms like a genie, put arms up and then cross, 3 times, and blink your eyes) – crossing a midline forces left and right side of the brain to communicate and is very important especially for my young kindergarteners
    15. Class (raise both hands in the air and rotate them back and forth quickly) (sign language for applause) – Yes (raise both hands in the air and rotate them back and forth quickly)

    1. Monika,
      These are great! I love the fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  66. I like to use high pitched sounds and deep voices when I do this. I also like to talk in other silly voices, sing, and use movement. This gets their attention and it keeps the classroom fun and silly! I do Class-Yes in many different ways but I also do some sound variations as well. Those are listed at the bottom!

    1. “Class, class class!” “Yes, yes, yes!”
    2. “Classity, class class!” Yessity, yes, yes!”
    3. “Oh class, oh class, oh class!” “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”
    4. “Hey class!” “Hey yes!”
    5. “Oh classy class!” “Oh yessy yes!”
    6. “Class what!” “Yes what!”
    7. “Yo class! “Yo yes!
    8. “Hey class hey!” “Hey yes hey!”
    9. “Class oh class!” “Yes oh yes!”
    10. “Woo hoo class!” “Woo hoo yes!”
    11. "C-L-A-S-S!" "Y-E-S that's YES!"
    12. "Class are you listening?" "Yes we are listening"

    I also use some sound variations of Class-Yes, where I use sounds and they repeat the sounds however I say them:

    • “Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch.” “Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch.”
    • “Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha.” “Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha.”
    • “Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.” “Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.”
    • “La, la, la, la, la.” “La, la, la, la, la.”

    Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap is another tool I use. I clap five times and my students clap five times. Sometimes I clap really loud and cup my hands, while other times I clap with two or three fingers, just to be silly!

  67. Hannah,
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Nice job! Here are 25 points and a 10 point Bonus!

  68. 1. Class 1+1 (or any addition problem) yes 2 (answer to addition problem)

    2. Class 100-10 (or any subtraction problem) yes 90 (answer to any subtraction problem)

    3. Class class 5 10 15 (skip counting) yes yes 20 25 30

    4. Class class nouns yes yes person place thing (will have to train them with response)

    5. Class class boy (any person) yes yes person

    6. Class class toy (any thing) yes yes thing

    7. Class class store (any place) yes yes place

    8. Class class at (word families) yes yes hat (will have to teach the response wanted for word family)

    9. Clase clase si si (we have a large Spanish population in our school)

    10. Class class am yes yes am (sight word of the week)

    11. Claaaassss quarter past yeeeessss 15

    12. Claaaassss quarter till yeeeessss 45

    13. Claaaassss half past yeeeesss 30

    14. Class class puppy yes yes dog (any baby parent combination after science unit)

    15. Class class desert yes yes camel

    16. Class class mountains yes yes mountain goat

    17. Class class ocean yes yes whale

    18. Class class polar yes yes bear

    19. Class class rainforest yes yes toucan

    *The science, math, and grammar ones would be great for review of a topic.

    Megan Sowers

    1. Megan,
      Nice job using content vocabulary in your class/yes responses! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  69. Class Yes Variations!
    1. Boom Chicka Class Class-Boom Chicka Yes Yes
    2. Yo Yo Class-Yo Yo Yes
    3. Class Class Class Class Class-Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Military Style)
    4. Oh My Class-Oh My Yes
    5. Who’s Your Classy?-Who’s Your Yessy!
    6. Class 5678-Yes 5678
    7. Class Funky Monkey-Yes Funky Monkey
    8. Bing Bang Boom Class-Bing Bang Boom Yes
    9. You’re So Classy!-You’re So Yessy!
    10. Class Let Me Hear You Class-Yes Let Me Hear You Yes

    Megan Vescio Copeland
    Goldfarb Elementary School
    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Megan,
      These are fun choices! Here are 25 certification points!

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  71. Variations on Class/Yes

    For fun:
    1. First 4 notes of Beethoven's Fifth -- Class-class-class-claaass/Yes-yes-yes-yeeess
    2. First 4 notes of the Dragnet Theme -- Claass-class-CLASS-class/Yeess-yes-YES-yes
    3. (salute) Attention, class/(salute) Attention, yes
    4. (rubbing hands conspiratorially) Heh, heh, class/(rubbing hands conspiratorially) Heh, heh, yes
    5. (ducking head & looking up) Duck, class/(ducking head & looking up) Duck, yes
    6. (mimicking upper class English accent) Clawss/Yawss

    If you want someone's attention, whisper (each of following spoken softly to introduce important point):
    1. (furtively glancing from side to side) Confidentially, class/(furtively glancing . . . ) Confidentially, yes
    2. (hands up to sides of mouth as if shouting) Important, class/(hands up . . . ) Important, yes
    3. (hands behind ears) Listen, class/(hands behind ears) Listen, yes
    The three class/yes variations above are not meant to replace hands and eyes, or the nuclear class, boom but simply to allow for an occasional change of tone or pace. Also, I can see where this might not carry to a larger class, but in my case, I deal with individuals and small groups.

    Affirmations to bolster confidence & foster positive attitude toward material to follow:
    1. Super class/Super, yes
    2. Smart class/Smart, yes
    3. Achieving class/Achieving, yes
    4. Ready, class/Ready, yes
    5. Learning, class/Learning, yes
    6. Mind power, class/Mind power, yes
    7. Improving, class/Improving, yes
    Variations can include using super as a prefix to smart, achieving, learning, mind power or improving.

    1. It occurs to me that a stage whisper could carry throughout an average class, and the incongruity of a loud whisper would add to the fun.

    2. Craig,
      I love these options for class/yes! The first 5 are will make the kids laugh and that's what keeps them happy and engaged! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

    3. I'm glad you liked these. After a while, I get in a groove and it's actually hard to stop coming up with variations.

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  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. 1) (Even Numbers)
    T: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 even class!
    S: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 even yes! (They can say this while showing the numbers on their fingers.)

    2) (Odd Numbers)
    T: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 odd class!
    S: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 odd yes! (They can say this while showing the numbers on their fingers.)

    3) (Antonyms)
    T: Sad, happy, class!
    S: Sad, happy, yes! (They can say this while showing facial expressions.)

    4) (Synonyms)
    T: Hungry, famished, class!
    S: Hungry, famished, yes! (They can say this while rubbing their tummies.)

    5) (Rhyming)
    T: Cat, rat, mat, class!
    S: Cat, rat, mat, yes!

    6) (Idiom for Lunch Time)
    T: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse, class!
    S: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse, yes! (They can say this while rubbing their tummies.)

    7) (Idiom for Recess Time)
    T: Let’s go play it by ear, class!
    S: Let’s go play it by ear, yes!

    8) (Idiom for Independent Practice Time)
    T: It’s time to get our feet wet, class!
    S: It’s time to get our feet wet, yes!

    9) (Onomatopoeia)
    T: Meow, meow, class!
    S: Meow, meow, yes!

    10) (Onomatopoeia)
    T: Ring, ring, class!
    S: Ring, ring, yes!


    1) (The Big Bang Theory)
    T: (Knock) Class…(Knock) Class… (Knock) Class
    S: (Knock) Yes…(Knock) Yes… (Knock) Yes (They can say this while knocking on their desk.)

    2) (The Big Bang Theory)
    T: Bazinga, Class!
    S: Bazinga, Yes!

    3) (The Learning Station)
    T: I said a boom, chicka boom, class!
    S: I said a boom, chicka boom, yes!

    4) (Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”)
    T: Shake, shake, shake it off, class!
    S: Shake, shake, shake it off, yes! (They can say this while shaking their hands.)

    5) (Tongue Twister)
    T: Toy boat. Toy boat. Toy boat. Class!
    S: Toy boat. Toy boat. Toy boat. Yes!

    1. Gricelda,
      Oh dear, now I'm going to be singing bonus #4 all day! I love your choices, great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!


  75. 1. The Jingle Bells Class-Yes
    Classity class oh class class claaassssssss!
    (Words are sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
    Yessity yes oh yes, yes, yeeessssssssss!

    2. Oh Say Can You See Class-Yes
    Class class class class class claaaassss
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yessssss

    3. The Dashing Through the Snow Class-Yes
    Class class class class classss
    Yes yes yes yes yeeesssssss

    4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Class-Yes
    Class class, class class class class claaasssss
    Yes yes, yes yes yes yes yeeesssssss

    5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Class-Yes

    6. Brahm’s Lullabye Class-Yes

    7. The Star Wars Class-Yes
    Class class class claass claaassss
    Yes yes yes yees yeeeessss

    8. The Jurassic Park Class-Yes
    Class class class claasss classs
    Yes yes yes yeesss yesss

    9. The Indiana Jones Class-Yes

    10. Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Filet Gumbo Class-Yes
    Class class claass, class class claass, class class class class
    Yes yes yeesss, yes yes yeesss.yes yes yes yes

    11, Classity class- for the castle -classity class!
    Yessity yes -for the castle -yessity yes!

    This was so much fun! Thank you! Would you like a recording of these?
    Regina- Champagne Babin

    1. Regina,
      What fun! I sang my way through them with a smile! Yes, if you want to send a recording that would be amazing!! Here are 25 certification points!

  76. One of my favorite techniques of WBT and my students' favorite too, the Class Yes. I often offer it as a challenge for the children to come up with their own Class Yes. The latest variation was for school pride- Class Sea Devils!...Yes Sea Devils!

    1. As a Spanish teacher, I must start in the target language-
    Clase, clase! …Si, Si!
    2. Class (clap, clap) class! … Yes (clap, clap) yes!
    3. Class strive for an A!... Yes everyday!
    4. Super Duper Class!... Super Duper Yes!
    5. Class All Set!... Yes You Bet!
    6. Class, looking good!....Class feeling good!
    7. Class ready to listen!....Yes ready to learn!
    8. Chug-a- Chug -a Class Class!...Chug-a-Chug-a Yes Yes!
    9. Class You’re Smart!....Yes We Are!
    10. Class (stomp, stomp) Class!...Yes (stomp, stomp) Yes!


    Class Class Oh My Class!...Yes, Yes, Oh My Yes!
    Class Ready!...Yes Ready!
    1st grade Class!... 1st grade Yes!
    Hey Class!...Hey Yes!
    Class I can!...Yes I can!

    Bethann Barneman

    1. Bethann,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  77. 1. Classy Class Class- Yessy Yes Yes
    2. Classity Class – Yessity Yes
    3. Underwater Class – Underwater Yes (making an underwater noise with your finger and lips)
    4. Rocking Class – and Rolling Yes
    5. Class, Class, Class – Yes, Yes, Yes
    6. Ready Class- Freddy Yes
    7. Ahoy Class – Maties Yes
    8. Oh My Class – Oh My Yes
    9. Opera Class – Opera Yes (in your best short, opera voice!)
    10. Class Whisper – Yes Whisper
    11. Peanut Butter Class – Jelly Yes
    12. Class Pop – Yes Corn
    13. Stinky Class – Feet yes (Pinching our noses… my kids LOVE this one!)
    14. ABC Class – 123 Yes
    15. Howdy Class – Partner Yes (In your best cowboy voice!)

    1. Courtney,
      Fun choices! I laughed at number 13! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  78. 1. Class a saurus - Yes a saurus
    2. Choo Choo class - Choo Choo yes
    3. Boom Chicka Chicka Class - Boom Chicka Chicka Yes
    4. Class oh class - yes oh yes
    5. Super Duper Classy - Super Duper Yessy
    6. Hey Classity Class - Hey Yessity Yes
    7. Oh Sweet Classy Class - Oh Sweet Yessy Yes
    8. Class uno, dos, tres class - Yes uno, dos, tres, yes
    9. Class, 2+2, class - yes, 2+2=4, yes
    10. Hey, hey, class - hey hey yes
    11. Super class - super yes
    12. Class, rawr - yes rawr
    13. Class, jags - yes jags
    14. Class, Bazinga! - Yes, Bazinga!
    15. Classity, class, class, class - Yessity, yes, yes, yes

    Charisse Norton

    1. Charisse,
      These are cute! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  79. Since I teach in French my variations listed below are in French. (I have put the translation in parentheses, just in case…)

    1. Classe! – Oui!
    • Class! – Yes!

    2. Classe, classe, septembre! -- Oui, oui, l’école!
    • Class, class, September! – Yes, yes school!

    3. Classe, classe, l’automne! – Oui, oui, les feuilles tombent!
    • Class, class Fall! – Yes, yes, leaves fall!

    4. Classe, classe octobre! -- Oui, oui, l’halloween!
    • Class, class, October! – Yes, yes, Halloween!

    5. Classe, classe, le fantôme! – Oui, oui, ooooooooo!
    • Class, class, ghost! – Yes, yes, OOOOOOOOO!

    6. Classe, classe, novembre! – Oui, oui, le coquelicot!
    • Classe, classe, November – Yes, yes, the poppy!

    7. Classe, classe, maman! – Oui, oui, papa!
    • Class, class, mom! -- Yes, yes, dad!

    8. Classe, frère! – Oui, soeur!
    • Class, brother! – Yes, sister!

    9. Classe, classe, décembre – Oui, oui, Noël!
    • Class, class, December! – Yes, yes, Christmas!

    10. Classe, classe, le Père Noël! – Oui, oui, la cheminée!
    • Class, class, Santa Claus! – Yes, yes, chimney!

    11. Classe, classe, janvier – Oui, oui, Il neige!
    • Class, class, January! -- Yes, yes, It’s snowing!

    12. Classe, classe, l’hiver! – Oui, oui, bonhomme de neige!
    • Classe, classe, Winter! – Yes, yes, snowman!

    13. Classe, classe, février! -- Oui, oui, le Saint-Valentin!
    • Class, class, February! -- Oui, oui, Valentine’s Day!

    14. Classe, mars! – Oui, Pâques!
    • Class, March! – Yes, Easter!

    15. Classe, classe, avril! -- Oui, oui, il pleut!
    • Class, class, April! – Yes, yes, It’s raining!

    16. Classe, mai! – Oui, les fleurs!
    • Class, May! – Yes, flowers!

    17. Classe, classe, le printemps! – Oui, oui, il fait beau!
    • Class, class, Spring! -- Yes, yes, It’s nice out!

    18. Classe, classe, juin! – Oui, oui, la fin!
    • Class, class, June! – Yes, yes, The end!

    19. Classe, classe, l’été! – Oui, oui, le camping!
    • Class, class, Summer! – Yes, yes, Camping!

    20. Classe, classe, juillet et août -- Oui, oui, il n’y a pas d’école!
    • Class, class, July and August! – Yes, yes, There is no school!

    1. And I just noticed that the translations are NOT in parentheses but in the bullet below! How did I miss that? ;)

    2. Christina,
      Great choices! What a perfect way to reinforce French phrases while creating a pleasant classroom atmosphere! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. 1. Classity Doo Da, Yessity Day? My oh my what a wonderful day!
    2. Classity cat? yessity dog!
    3. Class 213? Yes team!
    4. Class Explorers? Yes Adventurers!
    5. Ms. Gray’s Class- Second Grade Yes!
    6. Class-a-Class-a- Class? Yes-a-yes-a-yes!
    7. Class you want a tootsie pop? Yes we want them, so we must stop!
    8. Class Mathematicians? Mighty Math Yes!
    9. Class? Give me five! Yes 1-2-3-4-5!
    10. Are you the best class? Yes oh Yes!
    11. Class oh Class Class? Yes oh Yes Yes!
    12. Whose the bestest class? We’re the bestest class yes yes!
    13. Class? What are the 3 states of matter? Liquid, solid, and gas! Yes oh yes oh yes!
    14. Class 5, 10, 15, 20? 25, 30, 35, 40 Yes!

  82. Nicole,
    Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Unfortunately I am unable to award any points on this, but you have submitted several other great posts! Keep up the great work!

  83. Class! Yes! Collection

    1-Class-a-doodle-doo! Yes-a-doodle-do!
    2-Classy class class! Yessy yes yes!
    3-Super Duper Class! Super Duper Yes!
    4-Super De-Duper Class! Super De-Duper Yes!
    5-Rama lama class! Rama Lama yes!
    6-Ding dong, sing song class! Ding dong, sing song class!
    7-Hey there class! Hey there yes!
    8-Oh yeah class! Oh yeah yes!
    9-Super speedy class! Super speedy yes!
    10-O O O -oh class! O O O -oh yes!
    11-Boom chicka boom class! Boom chicka boom yes!
    12-(ascending volume) Ooooooh (whisper) class! (ascending volume) Ooooooh (whisper) yes!
    13-Class! (clap, clap) Class! Yes! (clap, clap) Yes!
    14-Got an app for that class! Got an app for that yes!
    15-make clacking sound of roller coaster as hands go up a track, then swoosh down while saying “Class!” make clacking sound of roller coaster as hands go up a track, then swoosh down while saying “Yes!”

    Traci Katz

    1. Traci,
      Your number 14 choice is clever, I haven't heard that one before! Good work, here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. 1. Can I get a Class Class, Can I get a Yes Yes
    2. Howdy-ho Classity Class, Howdy-ho Yessity Yes
    3. Ahoy Class, Ahoy Yes
    4. Hola Class, Hola Yes
    5. Yo Ho Class, Yo Ho Class
    6. La Class-eh, La Yes-eh
    7. Yahoo Class, Yahoo Yes
    8. Classity Class Class, Yessity Yes Yes
    9. Classers, Yessers
    10. Classy 2+2, Yessy 4
    11. Holy Moly Class, Holy Moly Yes
    12. Super Class, Super Yes
    13. Oh Class! Oh Yes!
    14. Hey Hey Cla-aaass! Hey Hey Yeee-eess!
    15. Yehaw Class! Yehaw Yes!

    Jana Greer

    1. Jana,
      Fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  86. 1. Claaaaaaassss -Yeeeeeeeeessssss
    2. Class Casady - Yes Cyclones
    3. Class Macaroni - Yes Cheese
    4. Go, Go, Go Class - Go, Go, Go Yes
    5. Class (Math Fact) - Yes (Answer) example - Class 4+5 - Yes 9
    6. Class OKC! - Yes Thunder!
    7. Awesome Class - Awesome Yes
    8. Classy Classy - Yessy Yessy
    9. Class Hot - Yes Cold (or any opposites)
    10. Clap Clap Class - Clap Clap Yes
    11. Class Stomp Stomp - Yes Stomp Stomp
    12. Class 2nd - Yes Grade
    13. Class Merry - Yes Christmas
    14. Class Wahoo - Yes Wahoo
    15. C-L-A-S-S - Y-E-S

  87. Melissa,
    You have some great ideas here. Make sure that what you say with 'class' is what your students repeat with 'yes', with the exception of content (math facts, capitals...) Number, 2, 3, 6, 12, and 13 are more of a traditional call back. Keep having fun with these. Here are your 25 certification points for the 10 that you did an excellent job with!

  88. Variations on “Class…Yes”

    Teacher: Students:
    1. Class you are looking good!
    2. Class (waving a pretend wand) Yes (flicking wands back)
    3. Class so happy Yes so happy
    4. Class (in baby bear voice) Yes (in baby bear voice)
    5. Classaroni Macaroni
    6. Class-a-wacky Yes-a-wacky
    7. Beep Beep (in alien voice) Class Beep beep(in alien voice) Yes
    8. (In deep voice, hands up like (in deep voice, pulling arm up and down)
    steering a steer wheel) Class Honk honk Yes
    9. Class o’ mine Teacher o’mne
    10. Because we are in Seahawk
    territory: SEA! HAWKS!

    Susan Abrahamse

    1. Susan,
      Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention getters. You do have some that work, such as in #1 they could say "Yes, we are looking good". Also, number 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 are great! On #5 they would have to say "Yesaroni macaroni" for it to work. On #9 they would say "Yes o'mine". To make #10 work you could say Class Sea Hawks and they could respond "Yes Sea Hawks". You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Here are 10 points for your effort!

  89. Reflection #5
    Chapter 6
    Juliann Caveny

    Class? Yes!
    (variations with repetition, claps, slaps on desk or voice register changes/variations)

    September: (Sports theme)
    Class-Are we winners? Yes, we’re number one!
    Class-Are you ready? Yes, we are!
    Class-Here’s the pitch, and the swing…(watch it)
    Yes--It’s outta here! (point to back corner)

    October: (Suspense stories)
    Class-Boo! (hand in front like surprising them) Yes, AH! (hands up!)
    Class- Edgar Allan? Yes, Poe!
    Class- Are we Chillin’? (hold self like cold) Yes, it’s Thrillin’! (hands out like MJ Thriller)

    November (Thanksgiving)
    Class-Please?(with ASL signs) Yes, thank you! (with ASL signs)
    Class-Got a moment? Yes, (three second silence) --Vet’s day.
    Class-Attention!! (like sergeant) Yes, M’am! (Salute-soldier style)
    Class-Give some Gratitude! Yes, Thank you!-*turn to neighbor and thanks/shake hands

    December (Giving stories/Star Wars movie release!)
    Class-Can you Pay it Forward?
    Yes, (rt hand shoulder of person in front of you) I’ve got your back.
    Class-Intelligent you are? (Yoda style)
    Yes, Smart we are! (point to head)

    January (Winter)
    Class-Do you wanna build a snowman?
    Yes, Rolling, rolling, rolling (action of rolling arms)

    February (testing/Black History Month)
    Class-I have a dream!
    Yes- (turn and recite to a neighbor while nodding head) that all men are created equal.
    Class-Testing? Yes- 1-2-3! (grab pen/pencil)

    March (Mythology)
    Class-Want to take a journey? Yes- Epic!!
    Class-Do you know Athena? Yes- She’s/(He’s) Diana! (switch w/Roman/Greek names)

    April (Poetry)
    Class-can you rhyme?
    Yes-give us time… (turn to a partner and say one word and other answers w/rhyming word.)

    May (End of year)
    Class-Are you counting? Yes- ____ more days!

    1. Juliann,
      These are fun variations to go with the varied months! Remember to make your responses as quick as possible, the key is to get their attention very efficiently and move on. Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  90. wendy edwards

    1. Goodness gracious...... Great balls of fire
    2. Scooby dooby doo......Where are you?
    3. ABC..... 123
    4. All set?.......You bet!
    5. Chicka Chicka...... BOOM BOOM
    6. Holy MOLY..... Guacamole
    7. Easy Peasy..... Lemon squeezey
    8. Mac and cheese.... Everybody freeze
    9. Good night..... Loretta
    10. Firecracker firecracker.... boom boom boom
    11. Tootsie roll.... lollipop

    1. Wendy,
      Good attempt at Class/Yes, but in WBT we don't use traditional "call backs". The WBT team would like to see more actual "class" and "yes" in your attention responses. You can see some examples on the posts above and on pages 29-30 in the book. Unfortunately I am unable to award any points on this, but "it's cool", stick with it!

  91. September 10th, 2015
    Chapter 6 – Ten Variations of Class Yes
    I use class-yes in my classroom every day. It is a great attention-getter. This is the most widely used strategy in our school. If you walk across the building, you will hear class yes in almost every room! Even our school janitor uses it in the gym every morning to quiet the students for our morning meeting. Parents have picked up on it as well and our parent volunteers use it when they participate in school events. After school extra-curricular activities, such as Girl Scouts, love using it too. I will admit, with all of the class yes going on, it does get a bit repetitive. I try to switch it up as often as I can. My students and I have a lot of fun coming up with new ways to say it!
    1. OOOH class, OOOOh yes (southern voice)
    2. Opera style oh class, oh yes
    3. Slow motion class, yes
    4. Sing-song class, yes
    5. High-pitched class, yes
    6. Rock-star/ air guitar class, yes
    7. Class are you on fire? Yes we are on fire!
    8. Super silly and wiggly class yes
    9. Hey hey class class hey hey yes yes!
    10. Classo ,yesso

    1. (unknown)
      These are great choices! Please sign in with your real name so that I can award your points! Here are 25 certification points! Save this post and points awarded in a word document to submit later for certification.

  92. My class loves the class-yes strategy from WBT! I try to vary the class-yes attention getter throughout the day to keep students on their toes. My students love to do the Class-Yes in a variety of different ways with different voices. I teach kindergarten so I like to make my Class – Yes as silly as possible. Our school is loving all the WBT techiques. We use it as a staff in the mornings with the whole entire school, and they all respond! It is just amazing how the Class-Yes works with 275 kids!

    1. Ohhhhh class, ohhhh yes(southern accent)
    2. Classity class – yesity yes!
    3. Awesome Class – awesome yes!
    4. Claaaaaaaaasssssssss – yeeeeeesssssssss(slow motion)
    5. Deep voice
    6. High pitch
    7. Oh my class – oh my yes!
    8. Kindergarten Class – Kindergarten Yes!
    9. Clase – Si (Spanish)
    10. Class (5 times) – Yes (5 times)
    11. Classadoodle – yesadoodle
    12. Class? – Yes?
    13. Oh my class! – oh my yes!
    14. Class (whisper) – yes (whisper)
    15. Yeehaw class – yeehaw yes!

    1. Britney,
      I love to hear that your whole school is using WBT! That makes such a difference! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  93. Class - Yes! is the best attention getter I have ever used to gain my student's attention. It works every time, in any situation. I have used it in small group settings with 5-6 students to large assemblies with 500 students. It works wonders.

    1. Class-o, class-o, class ... Yes-o, yes-o, yes!
    2. Arg, class ... Arg, yes!
    3. Classy oink, oink ... Yessy oink, oink!
    4. Peanut Butter Class ... Jelly yes!
    5. (Clap a pattern) Class, (clap pattern back) yes!
    6. Zip, zip, zap, class …We’re all that! yes
    7. Easy peasy class … lemon squeezy yes!
    8. Super Second Grade Class … Yes, super teacher!
    9. Skippity, pippity, class …. Skippity, pippity, yes!
    10. Loopa-doopa-do, class … Loopa-doopa-do yes!

    Geni Ainge

    1. Geni,
      These are fun choices! You are so right, it does work wonders! Here are 25 certification points!

  94. 1. Yoo-who, Class? Right here, yes?
    2. Hey, hey, Class? Yeah, yeah, yes?
    3. Class-ita? Yes-ita?
    4. 1 little, 2 little, 3 little class…. 4 little, 5 little, 6 little, yes?
    5. C-L-A-S-S? Y-E-S? (spelling words)
    6. Cl/a/ss? Y/e/s? (segmenting words)
    7. Class, cop! Yes, stop!
    8. Who’s got class? Yes, we’ve got it!
    9. Class, down! (pencils go down) Yes, up! (eyes go up)
    10. (clapping cheerleader style) C-L-A-S-S? Y-E-S spells yes!
    11. Class who? Yes, you! (points to teacher)
    12. (gasp) Class! (gasp) Yes?
    13. Donde esta mi clase? Aqui, si?
    14. Who let the class out? Yes, yes, yes, yes?
    15. Class, clear? Yes, crystal!

    1. Catherine,
      These are fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  95. I can't wait to try these!

    1) C-L-A-S-S! Y-E-S yes yes!
    2) When I say class, you say yes! Class! Yes! Class! Yes!
    3) *whispers* My class class class. My yes yes yes!
    4) Class, let's stop. Yes, let's stop.
    5) Class, can you hear me? Yes, we can hear you.
    6) Class, oh class! Yes, oh yes!
    7) Class, let's do our best! Yes, we'll do our best!
    8) Can I hear my class class? You can hear us, yes yes!
    9) Class, let's focus. Yes, we'll focus.
    10) Super-duper, class? Super-duper, yes!
    11) Are you ready, class? Yes Yes, Teacher!
    12) *clap* Class Break! *clap* yes break!
    13) Let's go class!Yes, let's go!
    14) My class is great! Oh yes, we're great!
    15) 4th grade, class? 4th grade, yes!

    Hannah Deel

    1. Great job, Hannah! Like the voices and claps added in! Here are 25 points and a 10 point Bonus!

  96. 1. Classibity! Yessibity?
    2. Class, Smile, Smile! Yes, Smile, Smile?
    3. (Excited British voice) Clasimity, Class! Yesimity, yes?
    4. (Hillbilly voice) Cla, Cla, Class! Ya, ya, yes?
    5. (Sing opera) Class O My Class! Yes O My Yes?
    6. (spank your hip like you're riding a horse) Clip, Clip Class! Yip, Yip, Yes?
    7. Class, Clap, Clap! Yes, clap clap?
    8. (Deep British voice) Closs, closs, class! Yos, yos, yes?
    9. Class, hand raise, hand raise! Yes, hand raise, hand raise?
    10. Class I like you! Yes I like you!

    1. Patricia,
      These are fun choices! I like the "deep British voice" lol! Here are 25 certification points!

  97. Nicole Desrosiers Weare, NH

    I love using Class-Yes in my classroom! This positive energy has flowed to our entire 2nd grade, enabling us to quickly get the attention of all 100+ students. The quick response is amazing and rewarding. Here are some of the variations that I use within my classroom, as well as some that I will begin to use in the near future.

    Oh*h Class! Oh*h Yes!
    (Sung to the beginning notes of our national anthem.)

    Class, Class! Yes, Yes!
    (An oldie, but used every day.)

    Oh, Class! Oh, Yes!
    (Said in a whisper voice - used in the hallways and in small groups.)

    Classy, Class! Yessy, Yes!

    Oh*h*h, Class! Oh*h*h, Yes!
    (Sung in ascending notes.)

    Class, Class, Class! Yes, Yes, Yes!

    2nd Grade, Class! 2nd Grade, Yes!
    (Used at the beginning and in the middle of the school year.)

    3rd Grade, Class! 3rd Grade, Yes!
    (Used at the end of the year as we strive for 3rd grade work and behaviors.)

    Clissity, Class! Yissity, Yes!

    Super, Class! Super, Yes!

    Tee-riffic, Class! Tee-riffic, Yes!

    Mighty, Class! Mighty, Yes!

    Super Star, Class! Super Star, Yes!

    Fabulous, Class! Fabulous, Yes!

    Awesome, Class! Awesome, Yes!

  98. Tonya Hackett
    1) Class Place? Yes Value!
    2) Class class Kit? Yes yes Kat!
    3) Class Denver? Yes Broncos!
    4) Class Coca? Yes Cola!
    5) Class Micky? Yes Ds!
    6) Class ready? Yes let’s go!
    7) Class Ridgeview? Yes Huskies!
    8) Class Starbucks? Yes coffee!
    9) Class burpy? Yes chirpy!
    10) Classity sand? Yessity which!
    11) Class class we? Yes yes us!
    12) Classity dough? Yessity nut!
    13) Class class surf? Yes yes up!
    14) Classer bat? Yesser man!
    15) Class sour? Yes sweet!
    16) Classy snap? Yessy chat!
    17) Class funny? Yes bunnie!
    18) Class on the double? Yes pop the bubble!
    19) Class lucky? Yes ducky!
    20) Class whole brain? Yes teaching!

    1. Tonya,
      Fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  99. Variations for Class-Yes

    1. Hey, Hey, Hey class! (Like the cartoon Fat Albert). Hey, Hey, Hey yes!
    2. I said a boom, chicka, class! I said a boom chicka yes!
    3. I said a boom, chicka rocka, chicka rocka, chicka class! I said a boom, chicka rocka, chicka rocka chicka yes!
    4. I am so excited, class! Why are you excited, yes?!
    5. Scooby, Dooby, Class! (I had a huge Scooby Doo fan this year!), Scooby, Dooby, yes!
    6. North, South, East, West Class! (While doing our gestures for the directions). North, South, East, West yes!
    7. Here we go, class, here we go! Here we go, yes, here we go! (Can you tell I was a cheerleader?)
    8. From time to time I teach a class with absolutely no spoken words from me (the students speak in response to me). This is a review of topics I have taught in class with gestures and writing on the board. When doing this, I also call the class to attention with sign language. I clap twice then give them the ASL sign for class. They respond with the sign for yes. During these lessons, I almost never have to do this more than once to get their attention…they are captivated.
    9. I will sing, “Class” with a scale and the students match with their, “yes”.
    10. Oh Class? Oh yes?
    11. I will use the same voice as I used when reading a character from a book earlier in the day or week. They respond the same. For example, a shaky old man voice.
    12. Be, Be, Be your best, class! Be, Be, Be your best, YES!
    13. Shhhhh, class (In a whisper., Shhhhh, yes.
    14. LASER FOCUS, class! LASER FOCUS, yes! (With this one we all lean forward, eyes wide open, and make eye contact with the teacher).
    15. Class, boom! Yes, boom! (I didn’t create this one but it works just like laser focus).
    16. Miss Nixon’s Class (in a sing-songy voice), Miss Nixon’s yes.
    17. Good Morning, Class. Good Morning, Yes.
    18. Good Afternoon, Class. Good Afternoon, Yes.

    Kimberley Nixon
    2nd Grade

    1. Kimberley,
      I love your 1st one, they will have fun with that! You have some great choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  100. 1. Poly-class-ter. Poly-yes-ter.
    2. Classy wassy woo woo! : Yessy wessy woo woo!
    3. Lasso round your head and make sound rise and fall before you release on the ‘s’.
    a. Claaaa...aaaa...aaaa....asss!
    b. Yeeee...eeee...eeeee...ess!
    4. Class we love Mr Dalrymple: Yes we love Mr Dalrymple (Aw shucks, you guys).
    5. Class, good morning! Yes, good morning!
    6. Class I love my school: Yes I love my school.
    7. Class: 8x8? Yes: 8x8 = 64. “Some people were way too slow with their response, give me a mighty groan!”
    8. Sing “Class” to the melody of the first line of a song the children know, and they respond with, “Yes,” sung to the melody of the next line. I did it with Highland Cathedral which they were learning for an end of term show.
    9. Class, we love maths! Yes, we love maths!
    10. Class-terday; Yes-terday
    11. Jazz hands “Class!” Jazz hands “Yes!”
    12. Just before lunch – Class, I’m hungry. Yes, I’m hungry.
    13. Class, it’s time to wash our hands. Yes, it’s time to wash our hands.
    14. When a pupil loses something –
    a. Class, we’re looking for Kirsten’s glasses. Yes, we’re looking for Kirsten’s glasses.
    15. Class-a-fess-a-fing-fong! Yes-a-fess-a-fing-fong.
    16. Throw up an imaginary tennis ball to serve and then grunt the “Class!” Be careful that the more energetic boys don’t clobber someone in front of them on their follow through, “Yes!”
    17. In a very quizzical tone...”Claaaaasss?” “Yeeeessss?”
    18. Class, ca-va? Oui, ca-va.
    19. Like you are watching a car speed past with the Doppler Effect – ‘Claaaaaas.’’ Yeeeeees.’

    Quentin Dalrymple
    3/4th grade
    Perthshire, Scotland

    1. Quentin,
      Wow! You have some really clever ones here!! Great idea on #14! And, very sneaky on #4! :) Great job~ here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  101. 1. Class Arr…you ready, Yes we Arr…!

    2. Class Dr., Yes Pepper

    3. Star Class, Burst Yes

    4. Class Tootsie, Yes Roll

    5. Rocket Ship Class, Blast Off Yes

    6. Class, Yes

    7. Classity Class, Yessity Yes

    8. Class Class, Yes Yes

    9. Chile Class, Pepper Yes

    10. Bubble Class, Gum Yes

    11. Oh Class, Oh Yes

    12. Hey Class, Hey yes

    13. Cup Class, Cake Yes

    14. Oh Class Bobcats, Oh yes Bobcats

    15. Class Rock, Yes Roll

    1. Katlen,
      Great ideas! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!

  102. Chapter 6: Class-Yes
    July 8, 2016
    I love using the “Class, yes” in my classroom! My first year using WBT I learned that by December the same ol’ same ol’ “Class, yes” was not affective. It became boring to the students and to me! It is called habitation as stated in chapter 5. After going to the conference in Louisiana I learned that it is important to change it up! My second year teaching WBT was very successful! I learned to change it up! Here are a few “Class, yes’” that I use.
    1. Teacher: Oh class, oh class!
    Students: Oh yes, oh yes!
    2. Teacher: Claaaaaaassssss! (Voice goes up then down)
    Student: Yeeeeeeessssss! (Voice goes up then down)
    3. Teacher: Class, boom!
    Student: Yes, boom!
    4. Teacher: Gobble, gobble, class! (Hands under chin like
    a turkey)
    Student: Gobble, gobble, yes! (Hands under chin like a
    5. Teacher: I love you class, class, class!
    (Arms crisscross over chest)
    Student: I love you yes, yes, yes!
    (Arms crisscross over chest)
    6. Teacher: Cockle doodle class!
    Student: Cockle doodle yes!
    7. Teacher: Zoom, zoom, class. (Using zig-zag motions)
    Student: Zoom, zoom, yes! (Using zig-zag motions)
    8. Teacher: Zip a de doo dah….. class!
    Student: Zip a de doo dah….. yes!
    9. Teacher: Class, class, class.
    (Slowly and clapping when saying class)
    Student: Yes, yes, yes.
    (Slowly and classing when saying yes)
    10. Teacher: Yee haw, class!
    (Hands are roping like a cowboy)
    Student: Yee Haw, yes!
    (Hands are roping like a cowboy)

    Britta Hartman

    1. Britta,
      You're right, it is important to change it up often! It's more fun and it keeps your kids on their toes! Here are 25 certification points!

  103. 1.) Class-i-Ko! Yes-i-Ko!
    2.) Class-a-roo! Yes-a-roo!
    3.) *In Batman Voice*- Batman class! Batman Yes!
    4.) Class-a-saurus! Yes-a-saurus!
    5.) Boom, boom, Class! Boom, boom, yes!
    6.) Second grade class! Second grade yes!
    7.) Go Mountaineers, Class! Go Mountaineers, yes!
    8.) Eagles Class! Eagles Yes!
    9.) *In screechy voice* Claaaassssss! Yeeesss!
    10.) Flip flop class! Flip flop yes!
    11.) Boom chicka boom boom, class, class, class! Boom chicka boom boom, yes, yes, yes!
    12.) Are you there, class? We are here, yes!
    13.) *In singsong voice* Tra, la, la, la, claasss! Tra, la, la ,la, yeeesss!
    14.) Rock-n-roll, class! Rock-n-roll, yes!
    15.) Class, leaders! Yes, leaders!
    16.) Art time, class! Art time, yes!
    • Music time, class! Music time, yes!
    • Gym time, class! Gym time, yes!
    • Lunch time, class! Lunch time, yes!
    17.) * In deep Santa voice * Ho, ho, ho, class! Ho, ho, ho, yes!
    18.) Gobble gobble, classity class! Gobble, gobble, yessity yes!
    19.) Boo, class! Boo, yes!
    20.) I love you, class! I love you, yes!

    1. Ashley,
      What fun choices! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus for the extras!