Please join fellow WBT educators in a lively discussion of Chris Biffle's latest book, "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids"!
Earn WBT Certification points in the Official WBT Book Club! Points will be awarded to Whole Brainers who regularly post thoughtful, energetic posts, 700 points possible during the summer session!

Book Club Guidelines
1. Become a member of this site. Scroll down on the right and click "Join this site". Only members are able to post.
2. Enter your email address in the box on the right (just below the Members section). This will allow you to receive messages from Coach B regarding new discussion topics and important info.
3. Click on the Chapter links on the right to see questions related to each chapter of the book and post a comment with a thoughtful reply. Try not to exceed 250 words.
4. Feel free to ask questions and answer others' questions using the "Questions Page" on the right. Don't hold back! But dress appropriately; the weather in Teacher Heaven is electrified with funtricity so it can sizzle.
5. Please sign all of your posts with your real first and last name. 
6. Big Important Note! Please use college level literacy in your assignments. Avoid spelling errors, typos, awkward sentences, incomplete answers. Sorry, no rewrites!

Whole Brain Teaching Certification Points (CP) will generally be awarded as follows:
Perfect, fully developed, assignment: 25 CP
1 error: 20 CP
2 errors: 10 CP
3 or more errors, 0 CP.
An outstanding, insightful assignment will earn (gasp!) a 5 POINT BONUS!
Awarding of points may vary from the above, at the discretion of WBT staff members.

Whole Brain Teaching Certification

Reading assignments for our new book "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids" will be posted weekly on this website. Your comments should be thoughtful (no more than 250 words!) and designed to help your colleagues deepen their understanding of WBT.

What are you learning from each chapter; what improvements have you discovered; what problems have you faced? We'll pool our teaching wisdom to become better educators ... and to help design the second edition of our manual!

Please keep a word processing file of your comments, each comment dated and the topic listed. In early August, you'll send your file to for evaluation. An outstanding collection of reflections could earn up to 700 WBT Certification points!

For a complete description of Whole Brain Teaching Certification, please read the document below.
For additional information, email Nancy Stoltenberg, our Director of Certification.

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