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Whole Brain Teaching Certification Points (CP) will generally be awarded as follows:
Perfect, fully developed, assignment: 25 CP
1 error: 20 CP
2 errors: 10 CP
3 or more errors, 0 CP.
An outstanding, insightful assignment will earn (gasp!) a 5 POINT BONUS!
Awarding of points may vary from the above, at the discretion of WBT staff members.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Club: WBT Certification Points

Here is a list of the current CP totals earned from the Book Club, as of Saturday 7/31. If you have any questions regarding your totals, please email Sarah . This post will be updated monthly.

Don't forget, please sign your post with your real first and last name. Thanks!

545Kathy Lamb
525Cheryl Bragg
515Michelle Shelton 
485Jennifer Mulcahy
445Melinda Sprinkle
440Catherine Cassaro
445Miss_Viola_Swamp (Shelley Nizynski Reese)
435Meredith Pearson
425Amanda Martin
410Debora Manuel
400Krystal Long
390Rivky Greenberger
375Elissa Isham
340Laken Harrell
340Sara Martin
325sandysockmonkey (Jamie Rickman)
320WBT Pioneer (Mariaan Carreiro)
280Gwenn Weston
275Senora Keith (Heidi Keith)
270Russ Lamb
260Kathy Powers
250Andy Park
245Mrs. C Third Grade Classroom (Cathleen Cunningham)
245Sally Camden
225Nicole Heinlein
215Ms Julie aka Southern Teacher (Julie Gustin)
210Patrick Brule
210Julie Bateman
210Laura Ward
200Kokoshep (Vivian Shepardson)
200Jason McKinney
230Diane Strickland
185Karen Warner
185Heidi Keller
185Lisa Rodriquez
165Faten Ahmad
160Chelsea Carpenter
160Marty Hohman
155Dustjen (Jeni Anderson)
155Gena Parkison
150Mrs. Shepherd
145Peggy Cooper
145Brian Hopkins
145Tabitha Opio
145Terri Brown 
140Lori Wessing
130Sarah King
160Stephanie Thompson
115Stephanie Meder
115Marie E.
110Peg Filiaggi
100Lindsey Roush
100Nancy Vazquez
1005th Grade Science WBT (Ruby Aguilar)
95thenewlyenergizedteacher (Paige Kluck)
85Gina Nicholls
75Deanna Schuler
75Diana Galloway
70Amber Laue
70Andrea McCord
65spazzzmommie (Bethany Patel)
60Norma Gene Cottrell
60Dominique Coburn
50Caitlin Baer
50Ms. Fran's Fantastic 5th Graders 
50Dan Dobbins
50Connie Way
45Cindy Hatok
45Randi Jo
35Joanna Loftis
35Rosemarie Lee
30Kelly Shepherd
30Jennifer Wiggins
25Learn, Love, Lead in 2nd Grade
25Roberta Haren
25Gemma Smith
25Edelsa Chalanzcuk
25Sherry Smith
25Betsy Freeman
25Jenny Rosansky
25Melissa Ortuno
20Noemi Ellis
20Shannon Caldwell
10Imanuel Dae Panny
10Monica Ciesluk
10Jennifer Dantin
10Chelsea O Neal
10Katarina Folsom
10D. Francisco

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